Nottingham Student Experience Survey (NSES) 2021

17 November 2021

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How satisfied are you at this stage in the year about your study and life in UNNC?

What is your expectation towards university life?

The Nottingham Student Experience Survey (NSES) 2021 is coming, please do not hesitate to make your voice heard.

NSES will be launched in parallel with the University of Nottingham in the UK. It will last for one month and end on 16th December.

We encourage you to tell us your perspectives and help us make a change.

Come and take the survey!

With the completion of the survey, you will have a chance to win a Nine Balancing Vehicle and Apple HomePod!

We promise your requests and expectations will be heard, and we promise your perspectives and advice will be fully considered.

What is NSES?

NSES is the biggest and most comprehensive student survey at UNNC since 2012. The survey is administered by the third party i-graduate, which has worked with more than 1,400 universities and institutions in over 36 countries and has surveyed over 4 million students.

The survey covers learning experience, arrival, living experience, support services, and future plans. The comparative feedback will provide insights into what UNNC’s students think of the university, benchmark the student experience across their operations, and therefore enable us to make continuous improvements. This year, the survey further assesses students’ learning experience during this ongoing pandemic period.

According to the survey results from the previous year, overall student satisfaction of UNNC is holding steady at the higher end

  • Overall student satisfaction (92.5%) remains at a high level compared with the global average (86%).
  • 1% of UNNC students feel they were happy with their campus life, with a 0.2% increase compared to the previous year. The result also outperforms the global average (86%).
  • There is an overall high satisfaction level (91%) towards the UNNC’s response to the pandemic, performing well above the Asian university reference group (81%). Among them, student satisfaction with online teaching quality is as high as 90%.
  • UNNC has seen improvements in the two student modules of learning and life experience in 2020. This includes learning support (93.1%), progrmame organisation (91.9%), feeling safe and secure on campus (97.9%), eco-friendly attitude (94.4%), and sports facilities (96.5%).
  • The overall satisfaction rate for first-year students was at 92.8%, higher than the Asian university reference group at 89%.

What has changed in the last year as a result of the survey?

  • The Innovation and Enterprise Building has completed construction. This building which creates an open, inclusive, flexible, and ecologically diverse environment, has obtained a Three-Star certification of Green Building Evaluation Label.
  • In 2021, two research fields at UNNC ranks internationally in the ESI’s world top 1% in terms of quality. It includes Engineering which achieves breakthrough as the only discipline ranked in the top 0.5% and Social Sciences (General) which enters the top 1% for the first time.
  • UNNC receives five Stars in categories of Teaching, Employability and Facilities, which are evaluated as the highest-level performance and quality standards by QS Stars.
  • In the 2021 Global Subject (Discipline) Ranking, UNNC had three areas ranking historically high among universities in China, including Business Administration (ranking 11th), Management (ranking 26th), and Economics (ranking 44th).
  • In the last year, another 23 undergraduate modules were awarded the status of provincial first-class undergraduate modules.

Make the change you wish to see at UNNC

Please access via the link which has arrived at your university mailbox, or scan the QR code below to complete the questionnaire.

It will help us to improve services to current and future students, and transform UNNC into a better place.

Estimated time to complete: 5 minutes

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