UNNC experience empowers alumna

28 July 2021

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After obtaining her doctoral degree from the School of Computer Science at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC), Yue Li is now a lecturer in the Computing Department of the School of Advanced Technology at Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University. “As long as you wish, the broadness of life is up to yourself – this is what I learnt from my years at UNNC,” she said.

During her undergraduate study at UNNC, Yue participated in a variety of student clubs and organisations, including Young Volunteer Association, Dance Team and others, where she practiced her leadership skills and organisational capabilities. With the support of the School of Computer Science, she founded the first computer-related student club on campus – the Psycho Union.

In her year three, Yue and another peer student from UNNC, Tianyi Chen, took part in the GREAT Festival of Creativity in Shanghai, where they had the opportunity to communicate with Prince William face to face. The event was to demonstrate the best of British creativity, and Yue and Tianyi were the only Chinese students invited in the session.

In 2017, Yue returned to UNNC from the UK to start her doctoral study, and soon encountered her favourite sport - climbing. Yue joined the University’s rock-climbing team and took part in multiple climbing events. In 2019, she has won third place in the competition held by the China University Sports Association. Besides climbing, she also enjoys other adventurous sports such as diving and skiing. To Yue, sports can improve her spirit, help with study, and is a good channel of social interaction.

Besides diverse extra-curricular activities, Yue also had excellent academic performance during her study at UNNC. “At UNNC, I have been always encouraged to explore my real passions, in or outside the field of major,” Yue recalled. “Because not all people will develop their major into a career, but the ability to be passionate about life is valuable to everyone.”

During her postgraduate study, Yue also received much encouragement and support from her doctoral supervisor, Professor Eugene Ch’ng. Apart from his academic and teaching achievements, Eugene is an Aikido Black Belt III and the founder and owner of UNNC Aikido Society. His passion has undoubtedly inspired Yue. “Also, thanks to Dr Dave Towey, I was able to explore computer sciences – a new area to me for PhD study bravely. He is humorous and good at encouraging and approving students,” said Yue.

Looking back at her study journey, Yue feels grateful for what she has gained at UNNC, and will continue to let life glow in the future.