Nottingham China Health Institute delivers training for Shanghai young nursing leaders

15 September 2019

7-8 September: 15 young nursing leaders from Shanghai attended a health leadership training course over the weekend at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC).

The course focused on inter-cultural communications and management in the healthcare sector. As more global talents come to major Chinese cities like Shanghai, nurses and other health professionals need to be able to communicate effectively and lead their teams in a multi-cultural setting.

The training in China was coordinated by UNNC’s Nottingham China Health Institute (NCHI). The NCHI is a research, education and training platform at UNNC that brings together expertise from across the three Nottingham campuses, to help improve primary care in China.

The Executive Director of the Institute, Professor Stephen Morgan said the Institute had already delivered several training programmes for healthcare professionals in China since its launch in 2018.

Professor Morgan said: “Training activity like this is a core activity of the NCHI in contributing to the improvement in the quality, efficacy and efficiency of primary care delivery in China. We have already delivered several of these and are working with health commissions and other bodies elsewhere in China.”

Following the weekend at UNNC, this cohort of healthcare professionals will continue their training programme at the University of Nottingham’s UK campus, where they will exchange ideas and best practices with their UK counterparts. Development of the training is in collaboration with the Shanghai University of Medicine and Health Science and the Shanghai Medicine and Health Development Foundation.