Chinese Culture Heritage Event: Sweet Dumplings Making

10 February 2023

10 Feb, about 50 staff gathered around at MN canteen to celebrate the Lantern Festival by making sweet dumplings and playing the lantern riddles game. The celebration began with a video introducing the custom of Lantern Festival. Professor Khong, Dean of NUBS China, welcomed all the participants and wished everyone a very happy and successful new year.

It was said that Ningbo was the originate place of sweet dumplings – Tangyuan. The tradition of eating Tangyuan in Ningbo could date back to Song Dynasty. Mixing sticky rice flour and water, putting sesame and lard oil inside a piece of paste, kneading it to round shape, and cooking in boiled water. The sweet dumping is ready to taste. The small white rice ball brought great fun to the participants.

Simultaneously, the participants also played another traditional game – lantern riddles. As the zodiac of this year is rabbit, participants who got the right answer of the lantern riddle received a rabbit key ring for gift.

This event was jointly organized by Confucius Institute and HR Department.