NUBS China International Students Celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival

22 September 2023

22nd Sep, at MN Canteen, co-organized by NUBS China and Confucius Institute, 63 international students gathered together to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. As the Mid-Autumn Festival is a day for the reunion of family members. Both the NUBS China and Confucius Institute would like to take this opportunity to cherish the reunion of UNNC students from all over the world, especially because it was the first academic year since the lift of pandemic restrictions.On representative of all the NUBS China staff, Dr Yi Wang, Director of Educational Partnerships, delivered a welcome speech. She wished everyone a progressive new semester, and encouraged the exchange students to fully enjoy Chinese culture, during their time in UNNC.Then Confucius Institute introduced the history of the festival and its development nowadays. The participants showed high enthusiasm in Chinese culture. Their highly focused practice on mooncake making could be an evidence of it.In the end of the event, the international students conveyed good wishes to each other and had enjoyed the evening very much.