Chinese Language Partner Activity Received Warm Welcome

19 October 2022

19 Oct, the first Chinese language partner activity was held at TB107. Over 20 pairs of language partners engaged in on that day. Different from the traditional talking-oriented activity, this one encouraged the participants to accomplish a task together. During the process, they would talk more, learn more and remember more. Painting masks of Peking Opera and making Chinese knots together during the first activity created a lot of topics amongst the language partners. 2 hours’ activity seemed fairly short.

Aimed to help the Mandarin learners to ‘learn with fun’, CI had made plan for this program for long. With the support from excellent student representatives from the Mandarin Corner society, this activity was eventually put into effect. The activity would regularly practice on 3-5pm every Wednesday afternoon. The natural and real communication environment was expected to bring the Mandarin learners a different experience.

Non-native Chinese speakers who would like to join the event, please feel free to contact

Schedule for the following weeks

3.00- 5.00pm 24 Oct TB109 Chess game

3.00- 5.00pm 31 Oct TBC Chinese food

3.00- 5.00pm 14 Nov TB109 Poem and literature

3.00- 5.00pm 21 Nov TB109 Paper cut

3.00- 5.00pm 28 Nov TB109 Sports

3.00- 5.00pm 5 Dec TB109 Film

3.00- 5.00pm 12 Dec TB109 Calligraphy

Special thanks to Mandarin Corner Society and volunteer Chinese speaking partners.