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Ningbo city life 

Ningbo is a rapidly growing city with over 6 million people. The city fuses modernism and a 7,000 year old history, allowing visitors to embrace both an exciting and culturally stimulating city.

Ningbo was recently ranked as the 7th best city for business in China by Forbes Magazine, whilst it also houses the second largest port in the world. With access to international cities by air and located a two hour drive from Shanghai, Ningbo is an ideal hub for development and business.

Ningbo has plenty to offer its students, with opportunities to visits historical and scenic spots, traditional markets and local events. Pair this with international chains, businesses, restaurants and bars, Ningbo has something for everyone. 


A prosperous city well known for education and business, Ningbo is conveniently located for travel in and outside of China.


With over 7,000 years of civilisation, Ningbo has a wealth of history and places to discover. 


When it comes to shopping and dining, Ningbo has a perfect mix of authentic outlets and markets, alongside an array of international eateries and well known stores. 


Whether you want a relaxing day in the park, boating, or more strenuous outdoor activity, Ningbo provides a number of opportunities to explore. 


Theatre, art, music, comedy cinema and literature, Ningbo culture has plenty to offer.


A city of bright lights, Ningbo has a lively scene of bars and clubs. You'll even find a traditional English pub.


Cultural celebrations and festivals from around the globe are fantastic occasions to embrace your new surroundings.

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