The mission statement of University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC) is "Academic Excellence in the Service of Global Citizenship".

The University is an equal opportunity employer and a University with dense academic atmosphere. We value the diversity of individuals, backgrounds, ideas, perspectives, insights and values, and what you bring to the University. 

The University provides Competitive compensation and sound benefits, Systematic training programs and development opportunities home and abroad, Attractive and challenging assignments, Pleasant working environment and balanced work-life, Convenient transportation, etc.

The University is a vibrant workplace, rest on individual diligent and professional dedication, we offers abundant working experiences for those committed to develop their career here.

The University realizes that the exploitation of future or different career developing directions often arises from the individual changing values, philosophy and work interests. Therefore, career growth process is a unique path for each staff member.

The University is providing variety of resources and opportunities for its staff members to realize their individual interests and capabilities, to improve working skills, to assess their own strengths, to identify direction for development and to understand their career motivators.


Derek's day at UNNC!


I'd like to show you some of the reasons why I have found it so amazing to live and work at UNNC where we bring a British education into the dynamic setting of contemporary China.

Dr Derek Irwin, Head of School of Education and English