Welcome to Ningbo

Ningbo is located in Zhejiang province on the south shore of Hangzhou Bay, only two hours away from Shanghai. 7,000 years old, populated with more than six million people and covering over 9,000 square kilometres, Ningbo is a rapidly growing city. Ranked 7th by Forbes list of 'the top cities for business in China', it is a thriving blend of enterprise, culture, education, tradition and entertainment.

Ningbo offers the opportunity to feel at home amongst an array of international shopping outlets, restaurants, clubs and bars, whilst hosting international sports and music events. It also provides the chance to embrace culture and tradition. Unique temples and intricate streets house an array of markets boasting a variety of antiques, textiles and delicious Ningbo cuisine.

National and local festivities flaunt the delights of Chinese culture whilst close to one hundred museums and exhibitions represent the city’s historic past and innovative future. The city is a unique mix of modern sky-scrapers and traditional architecture, complimented with stunning parkland and scenic spots, making it a place for all.

The city's excellent transport links mean that Ningbo is an ideal location to explore and one from which to open up the vast delights that both China and Asia have to offer.


Travelling around the city


Ningbo has a number of lanes made specifically for cycle and e-bike (electric bike) travel. Many students chose to cycle in order to stay fit and enjoy the city views, whilst others enjoy the convenient nature of their e-bikes. There are a number of scenic spots such as Dongqian Lake with specifically designed cycling tracks.


Buses are a favoured way to travel around Ningbo as they are both aplenty and reliable. A number of buses which commute into the city centre start their routes from just outside the university. Fares are extremely reasonable, typically costing 2 RMB/20 cents. Long distance buses are also available from four stations in Ningbo and offer daily travel to cities such as Shanghai and Hangzhou.


You’ll never be left without a taxi in Ningbo. They are also particularly good value at around only 30 RMB/$5 for thirty minutes travel.


Travelling around China and south-east Asia


China is well stocked with hundreds of stunning destinations with something for everyone. Whether visitors or residents are seeking the haggle of a street market, the bustle of a city, or the tranquillity of the scenic countryside, Ningbo offers a variety of travel methods in order to experience both China and international destinations

By rail

Ningbo provides its residents and visitors with a highly efficient train service. A number of cities are easily commutable and fares will vary dependant on destination and class, but are relatively cheap. For example, a first class return to Shanghai will cost around 210 RMB and a first class return to Hangzhou, only 120 RMB.

By coach

Ningbo has four long distance bus stations, operating frequent inner and inter provincial journeys on a daily basis. Fares will again vary on destination, but are very reasonable. A return trip to Hangzhou (provincial capital) for example, a two hour drive away, will be around 100 RMB return.

By plane

There are flights to an exciting range of domestic and international destinations from Ningbo Lishe International Airport, located only 10 km away from the campus. Travel to the airport costs approximately 50 RMB in a taxi, or there is a shuttle bus running (6.30am – 7pm) between the airport and Ningbo city centre every day. This costs only 10 RMB.

Over thirty domestic destinations have now been matched by South East Asian hotspots such as Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan, provided by low cost airline Jetstar. A full quota of international destinations can be reached by flying from Shanghai’s airports.

Getting to the University

campus night

From Ningbo airport/train station/bus station

A taxi to the University is the most efficient way to reach campus. It takes about 30 minutes and costs 30-50 RMB.

Show the address below to the taxi driver:

Address: 199 Taikang East Road, University Park, Ningbo

您好,请带我去宁波诺丁汉大学学生公寓, 谢谢!


From Shanghai's airports

Shanghai has two airports - Shanghai Pudong Airport, mainly for international flights and Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, mainly for domestic flights. There is a distance of about 50 km and one hour drive between two airports.

By coach

On arriving at Shanghai Pudong Airport, you should first transfer to Shanghai South Long-Distance Bus Station which takes around one hour depending on traffic conditions. There are two options to get there:

  • Take a taxi (around 200 RMB)
  • Take Airport Bus Line No. 7 (20 RMB)

The Airport Bus Line No. 7 drops you right outside Shanghai South Long-Distance Bus Station. The ticket from Shanghai to Ningbo can be bought at the station and costs around 100 RMB. The trip takes two to three hours. Coaches are available every 30 to 50 minutes and between the hours of 07:20 and 20:00.

By train

On arriving at Shanghai Pudong Airport you should transfer to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station. This takes approximately one hour depending on traffic conditions. There are two options to get there:

  • Take a taxi (around 200 RMB)
  • Take Metro Line No. 2 (8 RMB and about 90 minutes)

The train from Shanghai to Ningbo is now only one-hour-forty-minutes. Further details on trains can be found on Shanghai highlights website.

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