Welcome to HealthyU

Healthy body, healthy mind is a well-used saying, but it is, perhaps, most relevant while you are at University. 

You may be living hundreds or even thounds of kilometers away from home, experiencing a different culture, trying to manage on a student budget, and juggling a busy social life whilst studying; all of this can impact on your health.

To support you to make the most of your time at University, HealthyU is here to provide information and advice on a range of health issues important to students.







Colorful Events

Our latest activities will be released here. Come here. we are waitting for you!



Sexual Health and Wellbeing

The facts you need to know about staying safe and feeling good about yourself.




Eat Well

Get top tips on how to eat healthily on a student budget and lose weight.



Alcohol Drugs Smoking

Information about alcohol, drugs and smoking including where to get help and advice.




Keep Active

Keep in shape and experience the difference that a small amount of regular excercise can bring.



Mental Health and Wellbing

Stressed, worried about a friend or just need someone to talk to? Don't be afraid to speak out.


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