Zhe Fang


University Counsellor , Counselling Service

Zhe Fang



M.Phil.Ed Professional Counseling (University of Pennsylvania)

M.S.Ed Counseling and Mental Health Services (University of Pennsylvania)

BSc Applied Psychology (East China Normal University)



Portland Building Room 327  

Telephone: +86 (0)574 8818 0000 8285

Email: Zhe.Fang@nottingham.edu.cn



Zhe Fang has been in psychology field for more than 7 years. She received extensive training in counselling both in China and US. She maintains a professional interest in working with college students, women’s groups, gender minority groups and survivors of sexual abuse, domestic violence and interpersonal violence. She has worked cross-culturally in a range of diverse settings, including university counselling center, trauma-informed community mental health agency, inpatient treatment program and LGBTQ center. Zhe is experienced in dealing with issues related to self-exploration, gender identity, emotional dysregulation, intimate relationship, sexual trauma and multicultural issues.


Zhe received her professional training on Emotion-Focused Therapy, Psychodynamic Theories and Feminist Therapy. She adopts an integrative approach to understand client’s issues. She is sensitive to the power dynamics in session and emphasizes an egalitarian counselling relationship between therapist and client. She also uses strength-based approaches to help clients find their inner strength and power. Experiences of being marginalized are honored and are treated as a way to understand client’s disempowerment in different realms. She perceives symptoms as resistance to disempowerment and discusses with clients about the meaning beneath those symptoms. She respects diversity and encourages clients to approach their problems under their cultural contexts.


In addition to her clinical work, Zhe promotes a culturally friendly environment for minority groups. She carries on advocacy work on social and multicultural equality. She has experience in conducting psychoeducational workshops on intersections of cultural identities, minority stress and other multicultural issues.


Zhe is able to provide short-term and long-term counselling services in both individual and group formats, in both English and Chinese.