The University Clinic provides primary care to all students and staff members and their spouses. A doctor and an English-speaking nurse will be on site daily. All our medical staff is well trained and has valid medical qualification. We are engaged to provide high standard healthcare services.


First floor Building 23


8:30am - 10:30pm for outpatient service, 24/7 for emergency.


Tel: 8818-0120 (x8120), 15168185997 24/7



You can make an appointment using the contact details shown above. 

  • Stop by the reception desk in the Campus Clinic.
  • Or walk-in appointment is also available but you may have to wait.

Service scope

  • Primary care
  • First aid
  • Medication procurement
  • Consultation
  • Escort service
  • Appointment booking
  • Medical standby
  • Health promotion
  • Rent service