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Instruction of Using Ticket System on Mobile Phone


  • Where to get the Ticket System APP?



IOS Version   

For IOS users, please find the app named “MobileQ-Nottingham” in Apple Store and download it.

Android Version   Download   (Android 4.4W or higher is required.)

For Android users, please login Moodle to continue the download. After installation, you will see below software interface.


  • Procedures of getting a virtual ticket from the APP (applicable for both Android and IOS users)       


Step 1: please click “GET STARTED” to start the app.


Step 2: please be noted that you will need an account the first time you use this ticket system and register your account. Next time you take a ticket, no need to login. After you fill in the info, click SIGN UP to activate your account.


Step 3: Make sure to click the search button in the right up corner first and click The Hub after the page is transferred. Then choose the service you need.

Step 2 

Step 4: Once service type is chosen, please click “Issue Ticket” and a virtual ticket will be issued. If you cannot arrive at The Hub before the approximate wait time, please click postpone and a new number will be issued to you; if you want to cancel your ticket, please click “Cancel”.

Step 3                  

Step 5: Once the number is indicated on the TV screens, students should go to the certain counter according to the information on the TV screen (as shown in the picture below). Simultaneously, the number and the counter information will also be announced by speakers.


Step 6: Once served, please record your experience through feedback units to help us improve our service quality.