Summer Mini Semester Programmes

The Faculty of Science and Engineering (FoSE) will be organising the Summer Mini Semester (SMS) this Summer, from June to August 2020. The programme is part of the Faculty’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in education, and it is free-of-charge for all FoSE students. 

The objectives are to allow students to experience, explore and refine their skills outside the regular classroom setup. This programme will only open to FoSE undergraduate students from Year 2 to Year 4. Year 1 students can also participate in this programme for the opportunities to engage more with the Faculty academics and specialised majors in preparation before the transition into Year 2.

There will be five main planned activities:

  • Student-Centred Projects – FoSE Innovation lab
  • FoSE Summer Research Placement Programme
  • Essential Skills Training Programme
  • Voluntary and Cultural Appreciation Work
  • Industrial placement and industrial visits (in partnership with ACDO)

Most of the activities will begin from the first week of June 2020.

Student-Centred Projects – FoSE Innovation lab

The student-centred project is based on the student-led project concept, which will be spearhead by the FoSE Innovation Lab. Student (individual or team) can propose an innovative project and will be evaluated by a Steering Committee. Once selected, a mentor will be assigned to guide the student/team.

More information will be circulated in the email by the end of February 2020.

FoSE Summer Research Placement Programme

This is an annual Summer Research Placement programme including both paid interns and volunteers. The summer research placement allows students to engage with Faculty academics and PhD students in research activities.

Registration will open in the second week of Spring 2020 semester.

Essential Skills Training Programme

The Essential Skill Training consists of a structured programme that will enhance student with some useful skills for their future career or studies. There are three different types of course to be offered for the students,

  • Postgraduate Application Workshop and Academic Writing Skills
  • Basic lab equipment training
  • Basic programming skills with projects

Student can join either join one, or all the three courses above. Certificate of participation will be given. As the Faculty will be investing a considerable amount of resources in this project, the Faculty will charge RMB 2000 for each student and will return the money more than 80% of attendance is achieved.

Registration will begin by the end of March 2020.

Summer Mini Semester Programme

Voluntary and Cultural Appreciation Work

Students who are interested in voluntary work can join the promotional work of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in rural areas within the Zhejiang province. Alternatively, students can also participate in the cultural appreciation work including projects at the former Wang Yangming residence in Yuyao.

Registration will begin by the mid of Spring 2020 semester.

Industrial placement and Industrial Visits (in partnership with ACDO)

The Faculty in partnership with ACDO Career Team will organise industrial placements and visits for students who wished to acquire industrial experience and knowledge useful for their future career.

Further information will be available in the mid of Spring 2020 semester.