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Dr Xu Sun

Associate Professor, Course Director in Product Design and Manufacture , Department of Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering


PhD in Human Computer Interaction, University of Loughborough, United Kingdom
PDEng (Doctorate in Engineering) in Interaction Design, Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), the Netherlands
MSc in Information Technology, University of Twente, the Netherlands




Dr. Sun is an Associate Professor and course director for Product Design and Manufacture at University of Nottingham Ningbo China. She is a Chartered Technological Product Designer of the Institute of Engineering Designers (iED, UK). She has worked on a number of design projects at various universities (e.g. University of Nottingham, Leicester University, Loughborough University) as well as with a number of industrial Companies (e.g. Philips, Shell, Océ).  Dr. Sun brings over 10 years’ experience in design led research  through which her work has developed interaction and interfaces which operate between physical and digital spaces. She has worked on a number of international, national (NSFC), municipal  projects and industrial projects in the fields of serendipitous information seeking, information search engine, intellectual property rights in design, digital adaptive educational game, creative computer supported cooperative work, transportation design, cultural patterns in product design, and sustainable product design.


  • Ergonomics in Design
  • Physical Ergonomics
  • Design Project
  • BEng Major Design Project

Major research interests

My over-riding research interests include the following: 

  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • User Experience Research
  • User-centred Design of Products and Services
  • Product/Service Innovation, including development of research methodologies for examination of interaction with innovative technologies and products
  • Cultural factors and collaboration in design
  • Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning 

Supervision Responsibility of PhD students

  • Fangyan Tang (Second supervisor): Exploring Cultural Factors in Product Design, to complete in June, 2016
  • Xiaosong Zhou (First supervisor): Serendipitous Information Research, to submit in 2017
  • Lanyun Zhang  (First supervisor): Transforming the Group Travel Planner Experience, to submit in 2018
  • Joyce H. Addae (First supervisor): Usability Research in Support of Cyber Security, to submit in 2018
  • Chao Zhang (Second supervisor): Automatic Semantic Tagging for Event Detection of Video Surveillance, to submit in 2018
  • Nan Wang (Second supervisor): Enhancing User Experience to Design Enjoyable Exhibition Events, to finish in 2019


  • PI, 2016 Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Digital Copyright Grant 'User-centred perspectives on IP practices in the creative and IT industries', RMB 820k
  • PI, 2016 Local Industry Grant ' Design Research and Innovation’
  • PI, 2015 Ningbo Science and Technology Bureau 'Interaction design of Accidental Discovery in Science and Research', RMB 50k 
  • PI, 2015 Local Industry Grant 'Ningbo Cultural Creative Design' RMB 30k 
  • PI, 2014 National Science Foundation of China (Young Scientists) 'Design Strategies for Serendipity', RMB 310k ((RMB100 K from the university)
  • PI, 2013  University research Grant, RMB 1.5 K
  • PI,  2012 University research Grant, RMB 1.5 K

Selected publications

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