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The Math-Saturday on May 12th


The School of Mathematical Sciences organised the Math-Saturday on May 12th from 9:55 AM  to 12:50 PM in DB-A01 and New International Conference Centre. The programme was as follows:


Part 1

Venue: DB-A01

09:55-10:00 ---- Opening

10:00-10:50 ---- Michel Chipot  (University of Zurich)

Title: Minimal Solutions to some Variational Inequalities 

Abstract: Applying an asymptotic method, we will establish the existence of the minimal solution to some variational elliptic inequalities defined on bounded or unbounded domains. The minimal solution is obtained as limit of solutions to some classical variational inequalities defined on domains becoming unbounded when some parameter tends to infinity (joint work with S. Guesmia and S. Harkat).



Part 2

Venue: New International Conference Centre

10:50-11:20 ---- Coffee/Tea/Photo

11:20-12:10 ---- Presentation by Joachim Heinze (Springer Verlag)

Title: The Unchanged Changing World of Mathematical Publishing


  1. A very short overview of the History of Mathematical Publishing with some Springer examples is given. “Numerische Mathematik” was the first of all SpringerNature journals ever over all disciplines to go online in 1994.
  2. The change of the World of Publishing: Generating (Scientists), Composing (Publishers and Scientists) and Disseminating.  TeX and “Online Visibility” are the buzzwords here.
  3. Open Access for all mathematical content? “New” initiatives like “Overlay Journals”, based on the arXiv, are briefly discussed, as well as the more recent Sci-Hub and ResearchGate initiatives.
  4. Keep track of what has been published and citied. MathSciNet and zbMATH, the two big Math Review Journals in comparison to other initiatives, like Google Scholar/, Scopus, and Web of Science. A new initiative from China? MathSciDoc
  5. Recent developments in the Dissemination of Scientific information are discussed. Social Media {scholary collaboration networks (SCN)} in Scientific Communication and some new initiatives such as “Sharedit” and SciGraph” are briefly reflected.



12:10-12:40 ---- Short communication by Behrouz Emamizadeh (School of Mathematical Sciences, UNNC)

Title: Is the proposed (2,4,6) publication thresholds reasonable in mathematics? 

Abstract: Using 14 universities around the world as benchmarks, I will demonstrate that the proposed publications of 2/year/assistant professor; 4/year/Associate Professor; 6/year/Professor are not reasonable targets for implementation in the School of Mathematical Sciences. However, the thresholds may be quite reasonable to apply to other disciplines.


12:40-12:50 ---- Closing