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Graduates of the School of Computer Science take up a wide variety of career paths after leaving The University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC). Many pursue further study at world-leading universities while others choose to work at highly-successful companies throughout industry. Read about some of our graduates' experiences below:


UNNC opened doors not only to The University of Nottingham but also other prestigious universities in the world. It helped me and my classmates achieve what we were capable of. We made our parents proud!


Shuo Zhang was named student of the year for two consecutive years and won a Provost’s scholarship twice. During his studies at The University of Nottingham, he won a high achiever award in the School of Computer Science and the BP Achievement Award. He received scholarship offers from Oxford and University College London before he graduated.



UNNC provides a great platform and opportunities for students who are planning to pursue further study abroad and my two years at the Nottingham campus, although challenging at times, helped me achieve my goals. If you are planning to study abroad, if you are dreaming of having a bright further, I believe that UNNC is a choice you will never regret.


Wei Jiang, who studied BSc Computer Science and graduated in 2013, had offers for further study from Oxford, Imperial College and Cambridge. She was awarded scholarships while at UNNC and won the School of Computer Science’s high achiever award and the BP Achievement Award while studying in the UK.



UNNC has leading staff, well-designed courses, good facilities, excellent library resources and a beautiful campus.  


Nuo Li is currently a PhD student at The University of Nottingham, studying on a full scholarship that covers tuition fees and living allowance.



Studying at UNNC was a really great experience. I met a lot of excellent lecturers, tutors and smart fellow students. Many of my friends got offers for further study from top universities such as Cambridge, Oxford and London School of Economics. Many thanks to UNNC for helping more Chinese students to see the world!


Song Zhang, graduated in 2012 with an offer from Oxford. After completing his studies there, he returned to teach in Ningbo and publish computer science books.



The programming module consisted of different projects, from general to complex, to help us to get familiar with some major concepts of programming, such as object-oriented programming and design patterns. It really helped me to develop my interests and experience in programming. After I graduated in 2012 I went to Cambridge University and hope to start PhD studies after my MPhil in advanced computer science because I have passion and interest in this area thanks to UNNC.


While at UNNC Wenda Li was awarded both the President’s and Provost’s Scholarship, along with the BP Achievement Award.



Much of the teaching focussed on group work, where four or five students had to work together on a project. During this process, we would discuss ideas with each other and learn together, not only learning professional knowledge, but also gaining teamwork and communication skills. After completing the task, supervisors would give us a chance to show our work in front of the teacher and our classmates. Before studying here, I was so nervous about public speaking even in Chinese, but now I can confidently express my opinions in English.


Yu Lei, who graduated in 2012, received offers of further study from all the universities which she applied for, including Cambridge, Oxford, University College London and others. 



My four years at The University of Nottingham broadened my vision and taught me important research methods, which provided a good foundation for my postgraduate study at Cambridge and in my current job.

After graduation Xinghong Fang, who studied BSc Computer Science and graduated in 2011, continued his studies at Cambridge University, where he completed a masters. He is now working for a private hedge fund, engaged in research development.



What I benefited most from UNNC was that I learnt to look at issues with critical thought. Knowledge from textbooks can be accessed anywhere, but to be able to teach us independent thinking is unique. Though many staff are leaders in their areas, they still asked us to criticise and give suggestions, and to question the old and new ways of doing things. After four years of practice, we developed keen insights and unique ways of thinking, which is highly valued by top universities and employers.  


Yizhen Dong, graduated in 2010 and went on to study a masters at Cambridge University, where he may take up PhD studies.



My first year at UNNC was actually really difficult for me, because of my poor English language skills. However, the University offered me a very interesting language learning environment and the opportunity to practice both in Ningbo and at the UK Campus changed my view of English from an academic subject to a practical tool. Studying abroad was really a good experience; it broadened my views, gave me an appreciation of cultural differences, enhanced my ability to solve problems, and provided me with an opportunity to develop as a person.


Shao Jianhua, who graduated in 2009, is currently studying for a PhD at The University of Nottingham, where he won an award for the best paper at the EvoStar 2010 international conference.