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About D-CiTi Lab

Digital City Infrastructure and Technology Innovation Laboratory (D-CiTi Lab), a living lab that integrates research and innovation on BIM and Smart City development. Its process integrates both user-centered research and open innovation via multidisciplinary researchers, having Architecture, Built Environment, Civil Engineering, Surveying, Computer Sciences and Geographical Sciences disciplines, clients, Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) companies, international professional institutions and global software vendors.

This laboratory is supported by extensive state-of-art, modern equipment and key experts in the University of Nottingham and other associated pioneering work of researchers and practitioners. It aims to engage in problem discovery and solution design with leading users, developers and adopters of BIM, further to develop code of BIM in China based on the Digital Built Britain (DBB), which involve code of BIM application, code of BIM storage, code of BIM delivery and code of BIM classification, and more importantly to address the agenda of Smart City and Digital Built Britain.

With over 10-year BIM project and R&D experience, D-CiTi offers world-leading R&D on the:

  • Provision of first U.K. Master in Geospatial Engineering with BIM in China
  • Provision of certified BIM executive and management training course
  • Delivery of BIM project and its solution and implementation
  • Development of global BIM standard and its formulation
  • Global BIM R&D collaboration
  • Organising global BIM conference
  • Market development


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