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Li Dak Sum Incubator

Message from Provost


Prof. Chris RUDD

Pro-Vice-Chancellor University of Nottingham; Provost, UNNC

UNNC is in a unique position to exploit the innovation and entrepreneurship potential inside and outside its international community. The diverse, stimulating environment attracts incredibly talented individuals from all over the world.

As a critical part of the University’s Strategy 2020, launching the UNNC Incubator will provide a focal point for our community to share ideas and support new business start-ups. It will also provide a clear entry point for external partner organisations seeking local and international business or technology collaborations.


Our incubator is the leading regional international entrepreneurship centre providing the advanced business services, wide-range business links with investors, start-ups, higher education, research institutes, and government.

As one of the World Top 1% Universities, the University of Nottingham has mature experience in the international technology collaboration, and the incubator will help the western innovative business find great business opportunities in Chinese market, and also to bring Chineses companies abroad. 

Join us for infinite business international opportunities!

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