Members of the Nottingham China Health Institute are active researchers who also supervise doctoral students. Prospective PhD candidates with an interest in health-related research should review the areas of expertise and interests of staff to identify staff who may be able to supervise their planned topics. Information on staff with a health-related research interest is shown on our People’s pages. Information on PhD programmes can be located on the website of Graduate School.

Six healthcare-related PhD Scholarships Awarded for 2019

UNNC has awarded six Strategic Scholarships in healthcare to support academic staff who are engaged in healthcare-related research. These were part of a total of 20 Strategic Scholarships announced in mid-January 2019. Staff have until mid-March 2019 to recruit qualified PhD applicants who can take up these awards in 2019. They provide full tuition and living costs.

The six awardees and their topics are listed below. Interested PhD applicants should follow the respective faculty guidelines to submit an application. Prior discussion with the lead supervisor(s) is encouraged. The faculties will be separately advertising these awards.

 No TopicSupervisor(s) Faculty
 1 Effect of Hospital CEO Characteristics on Performance

Zhuo Chen      Xuyan Lou 

Humanities & Social Sciences, UNNC

Smoking cessation provision in healthcare settings in China

Lixian Jin

Rachel Murray  Manpreet Bains

Humanities & Social Sciences, UNNC          Medicine, UNUK  Medicine, UNUK

 3 Use of Digital Technologies for Enhancing Healthcare Provision Che Wei Phang Business, UNNC 
 4 A real-time sensory management recommendation system to support the parents of autistic individuals

Prapa Rattadilok 

David Daley

Science & Engineering, UNNC 

Medicine, UNUK

 5 The study of Fiber Bragg Grating biosensor enhanced by Surface Plasmon Resonance technique capable of real-time and multi-point sensing for cancer diagnosis Jing Wang Science & Engineering, UNNC
 6 Deep-Learning based Multi-Camera Calibration for Laparoscopic Surgery Ying Weng Science & Engineering, UNNC

Note: The email of supervisors can be found via the faculty web pages.