The Nottingham China Health Institute (NCHI) seeks to promote research and collaboration initiatives related to health in China. We support the health-related research of colleagues at Ningbo as well as those at our campuses in Nottingham and Malaysia who want to pursue projects related to health issues in China. We encourage colleagues on all campuses to explore ways to work with our health sector partners in China and will support initiatives to build collaborative ties and partnerships.

From time to time, the NCHI will issue calls for proposals related to research and collaboration. In addition, we will work with individual colleagues to help them secure funds for their research activities from internal sources as well as research funding agencies in China and internationally. Colleagues who are developing research proposals in health-related topics are encouraged to contact the NCHI directors at an early stage in their planning, which will allow us to discuss with you how to provide support and resources.

Research seed and exchange-collaboration awards (second round) 2019-20

NCHI announced the second round of call for two types of grants in January 2020. One is a research seeding grant and the other is an exchange-collaboration support grant. 18 proposals were received, and 8 applications have been supported. Please see details of the 8 awards in the table below.

  Topic (R-research; C-collaboration)Lead applicant Affiliations
 1 Research-through-design exploration into soft homehealth monitoring products for Chinese older adults (R, RMB 24K: 13/11)* Martijn ten Bhomer UNNC
 2 In vitro model study of drug loaded nanoparticle transport mechanisms for keratoconus treatment using microfluidics (R, RMB 50K: 25/25)* Yong Ren UNNC
 3 A Systematic Review of Ethical, Legal and Social Implications of Genomic Research in China (R, RMB 20K: 6/14)* Zhuo Chen  UNNC
 4 Developing Applications for Monitoring Body Conditions of Autism Spectrum DisorderIndividuals according to Changing Environments and Attention Training (R, RMB 11.92K) Prapa Rattadilok  UNNC
Measurement of concentration distribution of PM2.5 and identification of its meatal component in Ningbo subway station (R, RMB 20K) Liang Xia   UNNC
Deep Learning based Prediction in Epidemic Transmission of COVID-19 (R, RMB 44.25K: 20.1/24.15)* Ying Weng  UNNC-UNUK
7 A Novel Disposable Dry Powder Inhaler (DPI) for Pulmonary Drug Delivery (R, RMB 50K: 25/25)* Kaiqi Shi UNNC
8 Exploring the lifestyle of adult type 2 diabetes patients in Ningbo, China (R, RMB 50K: 7.95/42.05)* Kaushik Chattopadhyay UNUK

* Six grants received budget split across two financial years, with the first part to 31st July 2020 and the second part 1st Aug-31st Dec 2020.


Research seed and exchange-collaboration awards (first round) 2019-20

NCHI announced the first round of call for two types of grants in November 2019. One is a research seeding grant and the other is an exchange-collaboration support grant. 8 proposals were received, and 4 applications have been supported. Please see details of the four awards in the table below.

  Topic (R-research; C-collaboration)Lead applicant Affiliations
 1 Verifying Sensory Preferences and Limitations in Individuals on the Autism Spectrum According to Their Sensory Profiles in Controlled Environments (R, RMB 16.2K) Prapa Rattadilok UNNC-UNUK
 2 Promoting the Well-being of Healthcare Professionals: Reducing Burnout through Job Crafting and Recovery (R, RMB 20K) Alim Beveridge UNNC
 3 Deep Learning based Multi Camera Calibration for Laparoscopic Surgery (C, RMB 20.1K) Ying Weng UNNC-UNUK
 4 Exploring Technology Adoption in Nursing in China from the Healthcare Informatics Perspective (R, RMB 16.4K) Fui Theng Leow UNNC


Research seed and collaboration exchange awards, 2018-19

In December 2018 we issued a call for proposals to support research initiatives (seed or dissemination funding) and collaboration-exchange initiatives (between UNNC and China partners or between campuses). We received 32 proposals, 21 for research activities and 11 for collaboration, and made eight awards. Two proposals are held in reserve contingent on funding. We were pleased to see the range of applications submitted by colleagues at UNNC, UNM and UNUK. The brief details of the eight awards are in the table below. 

  Topic (R-research; C-collaboration)Lead applicant Affiliations
 1 Neuro-cognitive effects of foreign language learning in older adults (R, RMB 20k) Margaret Dowens UNNC
 2 Addressing the Research and Development Gap for Sensory Management Recommendation Systems for Individuals on the Autistic Spectrum by Utilising Data from Special Needs Schools in UK and China (R, RMB 20k) Prapa Rattadilok UNNC
 3 Fabrication of nanoparticles for drug delivery using microfluidics (R, RMB 22k) Yong Ren UNNC
 4 Why is tinnitus a problem? A qualitative cross-cultural comparison of problems reported by tinnitus patients in China and England (R, RMB 21k) Deborah Hall UNM-UNNC
 5 Living and Dying with a Disability in China: Lifestyle, Well-being and Health across the Life Course (C, RMB 14k) Sarah Dauncey  UNUK-UNNC
 6 Explore opportunities for sustainable collaborations between Nottingham and Ningbo in liver cancer research (C, RMB 17k) Lu Ban UNUK-UNNC
 7 Developing a new hospital initiated smoking cessation intervention in Ningbo, China (C, RMB 18.5k) Rachael Murray UNUK-UNNC
 8 Developing a new hospital discharge package for in-patients with acute exacerbations of COPD in Ningbo, China (C, RMB 17.5k) Alison Sutherland Notts NHS-UNUK-UNNC


For PhD research opportunities, please see the PhD programmes page and those of the Graduate School.