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Residential College (RC) is a new and distinctive home for all our students that implements UNNC 2020 strategy and seeks to enhance all-embracing campus life and experience. Our goal is to give students at UNNC a global and through-life home for their whole personal education and development, to experience culture integration, to generate innovations, with the ultimate aim to inspiring them to become global and responsible citizens.



Central Support Team


Residential College Activities

Offer personal and cultural enrichment programs/activities that address whole-person development needs and enhance sense of belonging to the university. Stay in RC, you will feel the warmth of home, experience a different culture and enjoy more special benefits.

  1. Workshop, mini lectures;

  2. Master’s tea party, luncheon party and Dean’s dinner party;

  3. Mentorship program;

  4. Interest group;

  5. Baking class, Ikebana class;

  6. Western etiquette

If you need more information, please add the RC official WeChat: UNNC_RC

or scan the RQ code at the footer of this webpage.

▪ Personal Files Services

Personal files, also known as Dang’an, is a record system that keep tracks of individual performance, examination records and reward data of Chinese mainland citizens in an administrative context.

  1. New students’ personal files are delivered to RC from their former schools at inception of their entry and will be carefully sorted and recorded.

  2. Personal files of final year students are collected and enveloped into record packages by RC for further distribution.

  3. Inquiries on personal file delivery are properly attended during office hours.


▪ Medical Insurance Service

Medical insurance assists students of mainland China with medical treatment in clinics and hospitals under the framework of municipal policy pertaining to urban residents’ welfare.

  1. Medical insurance files of mainland Chinese students will be applied by Residential College.

  2. Free Health checks, as subordinate services within the category of medical insurance are noticed and organized by RC every two years.



Individual Student Support Team

Pastoral Care

Support to students and help them to cope with their personal issues in respect of their social, psychological, academic, financial and other developmental needs

Free Talk

Free talk is a platform that provides a safe environment for students to communicate with their RC student support advisors. Students can make appointments by the RC official WeChat, sending Emails, and calling office phones. Topics that commonly occur in a free talk are summarized below.

  1. Peer relationship;

  2. Family issues;

  3. Advice on learning strategies

  4. Career planning.



Hall Tutor System

UNNC Halls of Residence represent a community of a substantial size. Ideally, the community would be ‘managed’ naturally by the residents themselves and there would be no welfare, interpersonal or disciplinary problems. However, in the real world, it is necessary to provide welfare support, whose presence makes it possible for most students to live peacefully and have productive lives without undue stress resulting from the proximity of large number of students. The support system of UNNC Hall Tutor System is comprised of a Warden, Deputy Warden and a team of Hall Tutors, in which the Hall Tutors need to report to the Deputy Warden, Deputy Wardens to the Warden and finally the Warden needs to report to Residential College.

Part of the students’ university experience is meeting people and learning to live together. Hall Tutors and Wardens help with the students’ wellbeing through social and cultural activities by supporting them throughout the whole academic year. In order to make sure that all students feel safe and comfortable in their residences, Hall Tutors need to make sure that the residential rules are followed and respected.

The Tutors provide day-to-day pastoral care to all residents of international and domestic Halls; including welfare, disciplinary and social related activities.


These Student Residences are categorised in Halls as follows:


Hall A – Buildings 14, 18, 19

Hall B – Buildings 16, 17, 20, 22

Hall C – Building 23

Hall D – Building 11, 12, 13, 15




Process of dealing with Incidents at Halls of Residence

Rota Hall Tutors Jan - Mar 2018



National scholarship

This scholarship is designed to recognize students’ outstanding achievements academically as well as in extracurricular areas. The scholarship is open to all the domestic Year4 students (2+2 students are not included).

A National Scholarship Awards Selection Committee shall be set up within the university, and will be responsible for discussing and making decisions about important related issues, formulating selection procedures and approving the awards list related to the UNNC National Scholarship Awards.

UNNC National Scholarship Awards Selection (Provisional)


Zhejiang Provincial Scholarship

Zhejiang Provincial Scholarship is set up for motivated and high-calibre registered UNNC Chinese undergraduate students (except for preliminary year students). This scholarship is designed to recognize students’ outstanding achievements academically as well as in extracurricular areas.

UNNC Provincial Scholarship Awards Selection (Provisional)


University of Nottingham Ningbo China Baogang Scholarships

UNNC’s Baogang Scholarship was established by the Baogang Education Foundation in 2016 to reward outstanding undergraduates. The purpose of this award is to reward outstanding talents, to show respect to teachers and to support educational development.

The Baogang Scholarship awards RMB 10,000 per person, and the Baogang Special Scholarship awards RMB 20,000 per person. Each year, UNNC selects 2 students and recommends one to participate in the Baogang Special Scholarship.

University of Nottingham Ningbo China Baogang Scholarships Appraisal Method


University of Nottingham Ningbo China Outstanding Graduate Recommended

The President's recommendation for the Outstanding Graduate Award was established by Yang Fujia in 2016 at UNNC to reward outstanding graduates. The principal recommends the outstanding graduate award bonus will be 5000 yuan per person, and UNNC will select 5 students each year.

University of Nottingham Ningbo China Outstanding Graduate Recommended by President Appraisal Method


Financial Aid

If you are struggling financially we may be able to help. The University has the following options that you may be eligible for.

  1. Student Crisis Fund
  2. Tuition Fee Instalment Plan

For more detailed information, please click here.


Freshmen Welcome & Induction Week


I-week is short for Induction Week. It is one of the largest and most influential programmes in UNNC which is organized by student organization Vis-à-vis. It targets at all new students and aims to help them integrate into campus life. Usually, I-week refers to the week after registration day. Our students will be guided by seniors to experience series information session and explore the university, etc.

Student Emergency Helpline

Emergency helpline: 15857400157 is set up to help students with emergency situations. Assistance includes consultation, remote intervention and referrals to relevant university departments.

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