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The 9th International Conference on Operations and Supply Chain Management((ICOSCM)


We would like to invite you to participate in the 9th ICOSCM 2015 conference to be hosted by the Nottingham University Business School China, University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC), Sunday 12th to Wednesday 15th July, 2015. The conference is organised in conjunction with China-Europe International Business School (China), South China University of Technology, SCC, and the International Doctoral Innovation Centre of the UNNC.

Conference Theme
The main theme of this conference is data-driven research for supply chain management, with focus on using big data in supply chain and service innovation, and benchmarking for supply chain excellence.

Due to advance in information technology (such as cloud service) and the popularity of smart wireless devices (such as Internet-of-Things), a massive amount of user-generated data (such as social media data) are available. On the one hand, these “big data” are valuable which contain lots of useful information. On the other hand, it is never easy to extract, organize, and analyze the data. Unfortunately, the discussions on big data remain at a very high level. This is partly because of the fact that big data is simply a business jargon. In this connection, new business models and practices are required to fully utilize the data, which in turn can create lots of opportunities for data-driven research in the operations and supply chain management domain to improve excellence.

In fact, this recent trend can be considered as an extension of traditional supply chain innovation and management, which require interdisciplinary methodologies from multiple fields including supply chain management, information systems, knowledge management, etc. This conference invites original contributions covering all aspects of innovation and operations in supply chain management and decision sciences in the big data era.

This conference will include a number of keynote speeches from leading academics and executives:

Keynote Speeches and Speakers
Role of supply chain financing in enhancing SME operations: Chinese context
by Professor Hua Song, Renmin University of China, Beijing, China

Supply chain integration and service innovation: The role of information platform and big data by
Mr Jianjun Wen, Director President, Shenzhen SJET Supply Chain Co Ltd and Professor Xiande Zhao, China Europe International Business School, Shanghai, China

In addition, practitioner-oriented roundtable discussions on supply chain and service innovations using big data are arranged. Speakers from Jing Dong (, Johnson and Johnson, BFE Logistics, and NVIDIA will share their views on this topic. Academics will also present how they can help companies in data analysis. Programme overview can be found at the following link: 

Download for Conference Program Overview

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Posted on 2 February 2015