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Testimonials from Students

UNNC students over the past several years have greatly benefited from their internship experience at the NVIDIA Joint-Lab on Mixed Reality. Below are some testimonials as to how the research centre has contributed to their further studies, work experience and job seeking.


NVIDIA Chengyu

          Han Bao2


I was the first batch of interns in the joint-lab and Eugene was our supervisor. Not only the tools he has taught us to use is still widely used in my current computer science area, but also the idea he passed on to me has influenced my future. It was fortunate that I met Eugene when I was a sophomore and please don't hesitate to join the lab if you have chance!


Chengyu Shen

Graduated from University of Southern California

Working at LinkedIn, USA

I am presently working in Shanghai and focusing on back-end programming. I want to talk about the experience during my year 3 Summer Internship for it benefited me a lot. First, I was introduced to Machine Learning and I started to learn more aspects of Artificial Intelligence. I then continued my studies at St Andrews where most classes I chose were related to AI. The lab experience has benefited my reading and learning of English. Thirdly, the interviewers always asked me about detailed information about the NVIDIA Joint-Lab when I had interviews with big brand companies. 


Han Bao

Graduated from St. Andrews University in Advanced Computer Science,

Now at Johnson and Johnson Shanghai 

The internship at the NVIDIA Joint-Lab on Mixed Reality is one of the most important experiences during my undergraduate studies at UNNC. During the one-month internship, I was given a good overview of the cutting-edge knowledge of how Big Data works and from which I had more programming skills practice. Furthermore, the unique experience has helped me to establish the idea of distributed systems which was really helpful for pursuing a great career and job positions.


Jingbo Lang

University of Southern California, USA



I'm currently a Tech Lead for the Analytics Platform team at Yelp. I interned at the Big Data and Visual Analytics Lab (former NVIDIA Joint-Lab on Mixed Reality) in its first year, where I was doing a social media research project supervised by Prof. Eugene Ch’ng. I really appreciated the opportunity to explore data visualization using the real-world data on my own. This experience was such a fascinating adventure. It had been appealing to me and prepared me well for my further studies in Business Analytics at MIT Sloan.

Yuhan Luo

Graduated from MIT Sloan, USA

Working in Yelp! USA


I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve as a research intern at NVIDIA Joint-Lab on Mixed Reality. I felt that period there in my life was extremely valuable. During the two months, I have gained insight into NVIDIA’s state-of-the-art techniques on Deep Learning. Because you led us to work on a variety of projects, I had the chance to use Deep Learning with GPU as training systems, I also learned specific knowledge and practice writing formal proposal and report. You, Danny Li and Xinyu Fu were extremely welcoming and helpful, and offered me terrific advice on my research and future studies. Also, I can still remember the impressive lecture given by Tony, which taught us the first lesson on the Neural Networks and Learning.

This internship has definitely increased my interest towards Machine Learning. Recently in a group project in UCL, I was responsible for training RNN due to my experience as a research intern at the NVIDIA lab. In the future, I would like to pursue a career in Machine Learning. Once again, thank you for that terrific two months.


Changdi Zheng



During my internship months at the NVIDIA Joint-Lab on Mixed Reality, I participated in several projects including the Virtual Memory and Sanjiangkou VR Port as an intern developing Unity codes and 3D modelling with the guidance of Prof. Eugene and his PhD students in the lab. This internship has brought me valuable opportunities in research and technical development,  which I have learned a lot in terms of computer graphics, cultural heritage and human-computer interaction. The experience has also helped me to continue to be passionate about research and to eventually find work in related fields in the future."


Hejia Qiu

UNNC Computer Science


The internship at the big data lab motivated my interests in the area of Big Data and helped me get into a related Master programme for my further studies. It is definitely worth doing research at the lab and you will definitely gain a lot from it.

Yiying Wang

Data Science and Machine Learning at UCL, UK


I was able to see how powerful and beautiful Big Data and its technologies can be thanks to my summer internships experience at the lab. For me, it opened up a door to information visualisation and laid the grounds of my interests in translating scattered data points into cohesive stories, which are more interpretable, meaningful and even enjoyable for people

Ivy Mengdie Lin

Graduated from the School of information, University of Michigan, USA

Now Deloitte UX Designer, USA


In summer 2016, I had a memorable internship at Nvidia Joint-Lab on Mixed Reality. This experience not only gave me an opportunity to exercise the outside-the-box thinking but also allowed me to develop various soft-skills. During the three-month internship, we had some hands-on experience of Deep Learning. We went through the entire workflow of image collection, data preprocessing, model design, training, parameter tuning, and evaluation. The projects utilised a series of state-of-the-art technologies such as NVIDIA’s DIGITs platform, Caffe framework, OpenCV and etc. Interesting projects are not the only cool things at the NVIDIA Joint-Lab. More importantly, I was able to work with a group of other passionate students, accepting patient and timely guidance from our supervisor, and attending workshops given by experts from NVIDIA. I really learned a lot from this precious internship. It has also enriched my resume, even helped my graduate school application and job seeking.


Yueni Liu

Master of Science in Information Networking, Carnegie Mellon University, USA


I worked in Eugene’s NVIDIA lab as a research assistant from 15th of February to 30th of June. It was my first job after graduating from Warwick University. I still feel so lucky for choosing this job at the start of my career. During my stay at the NVIDIA Joint-Lab on Mixed Reality, I learned not only a lot of practical skills and professional knowledge but also the working attitude. Eugene and all other team members in the lab showed me that only passion and belief from your deep heart can keep you motivated and enthusiastic at work.


Evelyn Tong Zhang

Government Dept., China


I worked at the NVIDIA Joint-Lab on Mixed Reality in the summer of 2017 as an indoor positioning system intern, which boosted my knowledge of Positioning Systems and Team Project Collaboration. My experience in the Mixed Reality lab was unforgettable and very meaningful to me. Not only did I learn a lot within my field of interest, but my project tutor Eugene also showed me some of the other cutting-edge projects inside the lab. After my summer internship, I went to the University of Nottingham in the UK to study Computer Science with AI. Thanks to my Positioning Systems work experience, I managed to secure a yearlong work placement at Intel in the role of Global Navigation Satellite System Analyst.  I am very grateful to my helpful and inspiring tutor Eugene Cheng, and wish all the other interns in the mixed reality lab the best of luck! 

Mengying Liu

Computer Science with AI, University of Nottingham UK


The NVIDIA Joint-Lab on Mixed Reality gave me the opportunities to learn GPU computing programming as well as apply my knowledge to a variety of researches. As the lab developed, I got exposed to different research topics and learned the impact of VR and AR in different disciplines, which truly broadened my horizons and inspired me to use my domain knowledge to solve different real-world problems.


Shulan Tang

Columbia University, USA


During my summer internship at the NVIDIA Joint-Lab on Mixed Reality, I gained the knowledge on 3D computer graphics modelling, animation and coding with the Unity games engine. This has significantly enhanced my skill in problem solving, independent thinking, and self-learning. I believe these skills can also help me in my future projects and research. Moreover, I participated in two user studies and experienced the application of VR in cultural heritage, which awakened my awareness of cultural heritage protection. The most important thing is that I have gained precious friendships with my colleagues and I very much appreciated the help I got from the PhD students in the lab, especially Yue Li who mentored and guided me a lot during the time. I enjoyed the vibrant and aspiring working environment in the lab. This internship was an unforgettable experience. 


Yuyu Hu

Computer Science, UNNC


 I am a UNNC International Communications student. I joined the NVIDIA joint-lab as an intern when I was in my second year. This is one of the luckiest experiences that I have ever had. Eugene Ch’ng, the director and other people in the lab are knowledgeable and friendly. I learnt a lot of knowledge on VR and it has raised my the interests in Mixed Reality research. I have had an enjoyable time there and I hope that more people could intern for the lab and gain valuable experiences. 

Meishu Ai

Exchange Student at University of Warwick


Working at The NVIDIA Joint-Lab on Mixed Reality was one of my most rewarding experiences during my Bachelor studies, and I felt lucky to be able to participate in Prof. Eugene Ch’ng’s project. Here not only did I learn a variety of skills and technologies which benefited me a lot when I sought for internships, I also experienced how history, culture, and technologies could be combined. I love the pure academic atmosphere of the lab, and it was there that I met many excellent students that have brought positive impact on me. I truly recommend anyone coming to The NVIDIA Joint-Lab on Mixed Reality for internships. It is worth the experience for every student.


Zuodong Li

UNNC International Studies Graduate

Now at University of Melbourne, Australia


 This is Wenliang Dai. I joined the lab as an intern during 2015.6-2015.8. I learned many useful stuff during this experience, not only my professional skills, but also team work ability. It has really benefited my later studies and work. Most importantly, that was a great and happy summer time.


Wenliang Dai

Graduated fromo UCL, UK

Now working for WeChat in Tencent, China