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Current Funded Projects:

  •  “Cultural Heritage and Cross-Border Digital Communication in the Terrestrial and Maritime Silk Road: Facilitating the Construction of a Cloud-Based Heritage Open VR Social Database”

'海陆丝绸之路上的文化遗产和跨境数字通信: 构建兼具开放性、社交性和虚拟现实技术的文化遗产云端共享数据库’ IAMET Belt & Road Grant, Ningbo Science and Technology Bureau (Eugene Ch’ng, PI, 300,000RMB)

  •  “R & D and Practice of Key Technologies in Virtual Reality System Development of Chinese Culture and Education-Based Museum Collections”


Research Projects




“基于博物馆馆藏的中国文化教育虚拟现实系统开发的关键技术研发及实践”, Zhejiang Science and Technology Development – Commonwealth. (Eugene Ch’ng, PI, in collaboration with Ningbo Museum, 200,000RMB) 

  • “Applied Research in VR Education Technology Acceptance Study for Historical, Cultural Contents”, IAPS Grant. (Eugene Ch’ng, PI, 70,000RMB)
  • “Lost Frontiers” – Europe’s Lost Frontiers: exploring climate change, settlement and colonisation of the submerged landscapes of the North Sea basin using ancient DNA, seismic mapping and complex systems modelling, ERC Advanced Research Grant, (Eugene Ch’ng, Co-I, €2.5m)
  • AHRC “Curious Travellers” Grant – A rapid response, data-mining and crowd sourced infrastructure in mitigation of large-scale heritage damage (Eugene Ch’ng, Co-I, £305,000)
  • “Real-time Structural Health Monitoring of Heavy Sea”, IAMET and Ningbo Science and Technology Bureau, (Eugene Ch’ng, Real-Time Visualisation Lead, 2,000,000 RMB)

Internal Seed Grants:

  • A Comparison of the Influence of Different Media in Coordinating Memory, Identity and the Experience of Cultural Heritage, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (Eugene Ch’ng, PI, 20,000RMB), 2017-2018
  • Novel Methods for Analysing and Visualising Large Connected Datasets, (Eugene Ch’ng, PI, 15,000 RMB), 2015-2016
  • Piloting an Open Source Big Data Architecture in the Cloud, Faculty of Science and Engineering, (Eugene Ch’ng, PI, 15,000RMB), 2014-2015

Funded PhD Research:

  • Learning to Detect First Stories with Word Mover’s Distance Based on Distributed Representations, Xinyu Fu
  • Sentiment Analysis in the Era of Emoji, Mengdi Li
  • The Identification of Influential Spreaders and Communities from Complex Networks, Hongliang Sun
  • Mining Consumer Feedback and Designing Features for E-commerce Platform Optimisation, Wyatt Weiqiang Lin
  • Evaluating a Mixed Reality Framework for Social Interaction in Public and Virtual Spaces, Cynthia Yue Li
  • Memory and Identity in the Virtual Experience of Cultural Heritage, Shengdan Cai

NVIDIA Seeding Projects:

  • VR and BCI experience and performance evaluation of Augmented Reality Tasks
  • Evaluating presence, perceived and actual cognitive load and performance in Augmented Reality Task
  • Comparative martial arts sword works between different levels of experience with full-body motion capture
  • Deep Learning in Automated High-Way Charging System
  • Deep Learning in Hand-Written Telephone Number Recogniser

Student Internship Projects:

  • Real-Time 3D Structural Monitoring, Danzhao Chen (2018/19)
  • GPU-Accelerated Social Network Analysis, Shulan Tang (2016/17)
  • CUDA-based GPU-Accelerated Text Analysis, Ziyang Chen (2016/2017)
  • ‘Objects Alive’ iBeacon App Project, Doris Mengying Liu (2016/17)
  • Yuan Dynasty Seaport VR Reconstruction with Unreal Engine, Zuodong Li and Wenzhu Hou (2016/17)
  • E-Commerce in VR: Navigation and Interaction, Daisy Xinyu Gu (2015/16)

Undergraduate Final Year Dissertations:

  • GPGPU Accelerated Data Processing and Visualisation, Ziyang Chen (2016/17)
  • Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality: 3D Object Manipulation with the LeapMotion and Oculus Rift, Jingbo Lang (2016/17)
  • Project Magicality: Immersive Game Interactions in Virtual Reality by Real-Time Gesture Recognition, Haoyu Wang (2016/17)
  • HouseVR – Arranging Furniture in a Room with Lighting Simulations in Virtual Reality, Dylan Gozal (2016/17)
  • Study of the Performance of Leap Motion Controller as Compared to Physical Task, Donglai Pan (2015/16)
  • Implementing Sentiment Analysis on Fitness Bands Related Social Media Data, Cynthia Yue Li (2015/16)
  • Using Big Data Methodology to Analyse Sentiment Emtions of Residents Living in Earthquake Areas, Chengyu Shen (2015/16)
  • Network Intrusion Detection using Genetic Algorithms, Melissa Li Ting Lan Hing Po (2015/16)

Past Projects Associated with Our Members:

1.    “Digital Technology Enhanced Cultural and Heritage in the Development of the Knowledge Economy” AHRC Centre for Digital Copyright and IP Research in China, Ningbo Science and Technology Bureau, (Eugene Ch’ng, PI, 425,000RMB)

2.    "Mining the Meaning", University of Nottingham Big Data Pump Priming Event Grant (10-11 Sep. 2014) in cooperation with UNUK's School of English, School of Medicine, Mathematical Sciences, Veterinary Medicine and Science, Libraries and Information Services. (Eugene Ch'ng, Co-PI, £10K).

3.    Large-scale palaeoenvironmental data and computational archaeology. Members: Professor Vince Gaffney (University of Birmingham, UK), Dr Richard Bates (University of St Andrews, UK), Caroline Wickham-Jones (University of Aberdeen, UK), Dr Sue Dawson (University of Dundee, UK).

4.    A collaborative environment for assisted 3D reconstruction of cuneiform tablets, The Leverhulme Trust Grant: F/00 094/BP.  Members: Andrew Lewis (PhD candidate, University of Birmingham, UK) Dr Rolf Erlend Gehlken (University of Heidelberg, Germany), Dr Sandra Woolley (University of Birmingham, UK), Dr Tim Collins (University of Birmingham, UK), Luis Hernandez Munoz (University of Birmingham, UK). (Eugene Ch’ng, PI, £100K)

5.    Context aware systems and people re-identification, Telekom Malaysia Funded PhD at the University of Birmingham. Members: Hafizuddin Mohd Yusof (PhD candidate, University of Birmingham, UK), Dr Sandra Woolley (University of Birmingham, UK), Dr Tim Collins (University of Birmingham, UK). (Eugene Ch’ng, PI, £130,600).

6.    Complex community of objects, devices and people, Carol Kennedy PhD Scholarship at the University of Birmingham.  Members: Gido Hakvoort (PhD candidate, University of Birmingham, UK). (Eugene Ch’ng, PI, £50K)