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The Impact of Joint-Research Between the U.K. and China
Prof. Eugene Ch’ng was interviewed by the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) at the interdisciplinary research centre, the NVIDIA Joint-Lab on Mixed Reality and during an actual 3D surveying fieldwork on a 2000 years old Zen Buddhism Temple in Ningbo China. Prof. Ch’ng was selected together with 8 individuals and groups from 257 collaborative projects in China between more than 230 academic institutions and business in both the UK and China. Each project represents one of the research councils. The video below documents a cohesive story of the impact of joint-research and innovation between the UK and China and was shown at the UKRI UK-China Impact Festival at Beijing on 8 November.

“UKRI: Inspiring Research”:

Shengdan Cai, a Cambridge graduate to start her PhD research titled “Memory and Identity in the Virtual Experience of Cultural Heritage” with the NVIDIA Technology Centre 

Hongliang Sun, a PhD student publishes his research in the top-tiered Physica A journal titled “A fast community detection method in bipartite networks by distance dynamics”, January 2018 

Wyatt Weiqiang Lin, a PhD student attached to the NVIDIA Technology Centre took continues his full internship at, working on their Big Data project for profiling customer behaviour purchase patterns, January 2018

Prof. Eugene Ch’ng invited by the V&A to review and redraft Henry Cole’s 1867 Charter on the Reproduction of Art and Cultural Heritage, December 20, 2017 

Prof. Eugene Ch’ng gave a TEDxNingbo talk titled “The Virtual Past Within Future Cities” with the vision that “in the future the past will be as accessible as the present”, 10 Dec. 2017

Prof. Eugene Ch’ng was invited as an XBar Speaker by Xian Jiaotong Liverpool University. “Perceived Reality in Virtual Worlds Translates to Reality in the Real World”, 22 Nov 2017 

Cynthia Yue Li, a PhD student at the NVIDIA Technology Centre begins her NVIDIA internship as an NVIDIA badge holder, November 2017

FHSS’s November Mini Open Day, supported by the School of International Communication, was held on Nov 18th. Eugene Ch’ng, professor in Cultural Computing, director of NVIDIA Joint-Lab on Mixed Reality, held four sessions of lab visit, in which Big Data, VR, AR, AI were presented in front of visitors. 

NVIDIA Joint-Lab on Mixed Reality participated in a VR and AR exhibition at the 2017 China (Ningbo) Cultural Industries Fair, co-organised by Ningbo Municipal Government and Zhejiang Cultural Industries Promotion Society, Ningbo 14-17 April 2017.

Applications of VR and AR were demoed at the NVIDIA Joint-Lab on Mixed Reality for the 2017 IT National Symposium on Smart Campus in Higher Education Institution, organised by Ministry of Education (China), 13 April 2017

The NVIDIA Joint-Lab on Mixed Reality partipated in the 2016 International Congress on ICT in Education and Innovative Achievement Exhibition of ICT in Education at Qingdao, China, 22-24 June 2016

Prof. Eugene Ch’ng’s Stonehenge Simulation were exhibited at the British Science Festival - “Stonehenge Hidden Landscapes”, Edinburgh, Scotland in both 2015 and 2016

Prof Eugene Ch’ng developed an interactive 3D simulation to crowdsource participant behaviour at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition as part of the “Stonehenge Underground” exhibit, 30 June – 5 July, 2015


NVIDIA Tech. Centre 3 month Internships – 2x students needed for creating a Crowd-sourcing App (iOS/Android), supported by IAMET Silk Road Project

NVIDIA Tech. Centre 3 month Internships – 3x students needed for VR Technology Acceptance Experiments, supported by IAPS

NVIDIA Tech. Centre 6 month Internships – 1x students needed for Real-time Visualisation of Structural Health Monitoring, supported by IAMET

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