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UNNC library showcases new data services


 The UNNC Li Dak Sum Library recently hosted a “Citation and Wine” event to celebrate 15 years of research collaboration and to demonstrate several exciting new services. Held in the staff lounge, the event showcased data visualisations, including a touch-table video on global bibliometrics and Research Data Postcards.

The data technology on show was an example of the services now offered by the library to UNNC students and staff. Data analysis and visualisation technology are playing an increasingly important role in the modern-day workplace and the new services will help to ensure that UNNC graduates kick-off their careers better prepared than ever.

 “We showcased a video that was put together by our staff,” said Aaron Kennedy, Senior Research Data Specialist. “It showed the locations of researchers that UNNC collaborates with globally and also their impact by mapping the locations of researchers who have cited UNNC in their own research."

One UNNC student was clearly impressed by the course. “I would say it is very useful and interesting - it really raised my interest in data visualisation and its application,” the student commented. “It is very practical and hands-on knowledge. I had coursework for marketing analytics where there was a lot of data that needed to be analysed. I was very excited to use my knowledge from this course to visualise the data and I got very useful insights! “

 “Students recognise that the importance of data skills are increasing across research fields and industries,” said Aaron Kennedy. “We received a very high level of interest in this course and we were also pleased to receive overwhelmingly positive feedback on completion. Now we are making plans about how to increase the success of this teaching in future semesters.”

Other projects on display included a study on Scottish botanist Robert Fortune’s tea trip to China in 1850 and a medical-related Dual-map Overlay in Data Science.

Roger Zhang edited the video with data visualisations created by Aaron Kennedy and Cocoa Wu. Librarians lead teams of students to produce the Research Data Postcards on the Data Scholarship Nottingham Advantage Award.

Posted on 6 June 2019