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University launches Nottingham China Health Institute

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The University of Nottingham Ningbo China today officially launched the Nottingham China Health Institute, a multidiscipline research body focused on meeting the needs of the rapidly changing 21st century healthcare system in China.

The Ningbo-based institute brings together researchers from across the University’s three campuses in China, Malaysia and the UK to collaborate with health sector partners, universities and industry to find solutions to meet the imperative health needs of China’s population.

The Institute will span the whole spectrum of evidence-base healthcare research and practice from generating evidence, synthesising evidence, assessing the economics of interventions, producing guidelines and implementing change through to leadership and management. 

It will also include a centre for systematic reviews and guidelines, incorporating a new GRADE centre to develop national and international directives. It will be only the second such centre in mainland China.

Executive Director Professor Stephen Morgan, is confident that the new UNNC-based institute is ready to meet the immense challenges faced by healthcare professionals and their patients in China today. 

“In delivering healthcare in China in the 21st century we will need to find new ways to ensure that care is delivered effectively and cost efficiently,” said Professor Morgan. “By using the practice of evidence based health care we will provide confidence for people in China that they are receiving the best available care in both the hospital and community care setting. Our expertise enables us to drive improvements in the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare throughout China.”

Although primarily a China-focused initiative, there is confidence that the impact of the new institute could soon extend to many countries around the world. Professor Richard Hubbard, Clinical Director of the new institute, believes that the sheer size of the Chinese healthcare market is one of the main reasons for conducting evidential-based research here.

“The scale of clinical work in China, with the potential for data collection, means that we can answer clinically important questions here that we do not have the numbers to address in the UK,” said Professor Hubbard. “A good example would be building clinical models for the safety of surgery for people with lung cancer or gastric cancer. Chinese hospitals see hundreds of cases a day when we in the UK only see tens.”

Friday’s launch also coincided with the start of a two-day Sino-UK (Ningbo) Forum on Evidence Based Medicine. The forum has attracted key-note speakers and attendees from the UK, renowned Chinese universities and respected international publications such as the British Medical Journal, a co-sponsor of the event.

To learn more, please visit the Nottingham Ningbo Health Institute website. 


Posted on 9 November 2018