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Dr. Yaping Zhang named as "Person of the Year"


Dr. Yaping Zhang, Associate Professor in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at UNNC, was recently named by the journal Scientific Chinese as one of its “Persons of the Year”. 

Dr. Zhang made the list due to her outstanding contribution to the commercial development of advanced tuneable laser technology, the cornerstone of affordable and viable 5G telecommunications networks. The new technology should eventually allow for wifi speeds up to a thousand times faster than are presently available.

Dr. Zhang and her team are currently working with Chinese telecommunication companies and Internet providers on the 5G upgrade. The team’s advanced tuneable lasers not only enhance Internet speeds but also improve the security of information transferred. The device is expected to be ready for field trials by the end of this year before being rolled out nationally and internationally in 2020.

The “Persons of the Year” award ceremony – which celebrates innovation and the transferability of research outcomes – was held recently in Beijing. Past awardees include agronomist Longping Yuan and Nobel Prize winners Chen-Ning Yang and Youyou Tu.

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Posted on 13 August 2018