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Your library is changing, follow our transformation on this page

The lending of library materials will take effect on 15th April 2019. The changes have been made to improve your experience of borrowing and renewing items and make it easier for you to manage your library account. The changes include:

  • An increase in the loan limit for all students and staff to 60 items
  • The automatic renewal of unrequested items on loan
  • Removal of short loan
  • Charging of fines limited to cases of the late return of requested items
  • Personal Loan Report sent by briefing account information

Above changes were made based on a combination of academics and students feedback, experience from other Alma users and our professional expertise.Please click to get the full version of the new Lending Policies for more details.

What's new 

Loan limit

User type

Loan entitlement



Staff family/alumni/associates



Auto-renewal means that all books you have on loan will be automatically renewed by the system unless they have been requested by another library user. This is to make things simpler for everyone as you will no longer need to remember to renew books by the due date. The auto-renewals happen daily for ordinary loans to keep a 7-day loan period.

*auto-renewal does not apply to media and equipment loans

personal loan report

A personal loan report is an email letter sent every Monday by @Mylibraryloans, summarizing your account information including recalled items, overdue items, loans and fines. If there are recalled items in your account, to which auto-renewal will be invalid, please pay attention to the due date.

Overdue Fines

Instead of charging fines for overdue items no matter they are requested by other users or not, under the new policy, fines will only be charged in cases where the requested item is failed to be returned by due date.

Types of Loans

Overdue Fine

Ordinary Loans




Inter-Library Loans items


Remember, do the right thing and always return requested books on time and then under the new policy you will never need to pay another library fine.

Borrowing rights are suspended immediately once the overdue fine reaches RMB25.

How to get ready 

CAN'Ts and CANs during swift period

swift period 1

Export and save your favourites list in NUsearch

Before 11 April

My Favourites are going to be wiped clean during our move to the new Library Management System. This means that any favourites you have pinned and saved in NUsearch will disappear on 15 April. 

So you don't lose this data you could do the following:

  1. Export the lists by clicking on the three dots, export save and then reinstate after 16 April. Further instructions are available   here
  2. Or you can take a screen shot of the searches (this cannot be re-imported)
  3. Don't export the results but re-run any of your saved query lists. You may then make a note of the filters used in case you wish to recreate the search again after 16 April. 

Save your book loans history on NUsearch 

Before 11 April 

We will be getting a new version of NUsearch when we upgrade our systems on 15 April. This means that you will lose any saved searches, search alerts, loans and Interlibrary loans history.

Unfortunately none of these can be exported but you can make a note or take screen shots:

  • Loans history. Further instructions are   here
  • Interlibrary loans history. Further instructions are   here.
  • Search history, saved searches and search alerts. 
    When you are on NUsearch, click on the saved search to re-run it.


Q: Why do we change?

A: The library has used the same Lending Policies with little change for a very long time, and although the service works reasonably well we know that both students and staff are frustrated by some aspects. And now there is an opportunity for a change. Since September 2018, we have been fully collaborating with Libraries of UNUK and UNMC on the Integrated Scholarly Information project. This project gives us the opportunity to review our lending policies and use the functionality provided by the new library management system, Alma, to try a new approach to upgrade our services.

Q: Will auto-renewal apply to Inter-Library Loan items?

A: No, the loan period of books we borrow from other institutions is determined by the lender, anything we obtain for you in this way will have a set due date.

Q: Will auto-renewal apply to Kindles?

A: No, auto-renewal doesn’t apply to library items except books such as audio-visual materials, laptops, Lego and Kindles.

Q: Will auto-renewal apply to Inter-Library Loan items?

A: No, the loan period of books we borrow from other institutions is determined by the lender, anything we obtain for you in this way will have a set due date.