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Borrow, renew and return

How to borrow, renew and return items in the University of Nottingham Ningbo China library. 

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How do I borrow?

You can borrow items with University Card from UNNC library:

  • at the self- service machines (always try this first)
  • at the Enquiries Desk
  • by accessing e-books via NUsearch.

How many items can you borrow & how long can you keep for?

User type

Loan   entitlement

Loan   duration

Academic staff/postgraduate research

30 items

16 weeks

Administrative   staff/postgraduate taught

20 items

8 weeks


15 items

4 weeks

Short loan for staff

7 items

7 days

Short loan for students

3 items

3 days

Note You can reserve the ordinary item on NUsearch if it is not on the shelf. You will receive an email to inform you when the book is available and collect it from the enquiries desk within seven days.

How to keep my book for longer?

You may renew items in following two ways if not requested by another reader:

  • by using 'my account' on NUsearch.
  • at Enquiries Desk (when your loans are overdue) 

Note The loan period of all books might be shortened if requested by another reader.  You will receive courtesy reminder with a revised due date.

How do I return my book?

Ordinary loans

You may return your ordinary loans to the Library in the following ways:

  • at self-service machines
  • at 24H Book Return

Short loans

Audio-visual materials and short loan books should be returned:

  • at the lending desk of Trent Building 105
  • at Enquiries Desk on the library 2nd floor

Note You will get a fine if you return or renew your books late.

Fines & payment


There are two circumstances that we charge fines:

  • When you returned or renewed late.
  • When you take any action against library regulation. In some cases, it may lead to the blocking of your library account.

Note If your total fines build up to 10 RMB or more, your card will be blocked until the fine is paid in full.


You can pay fines

  • by cash (for staff only)
  • by credits in University Card (for students and staff)


Ordinary loans

RMB 0.5 per day 

Short loans

RMB 10 per hour  

  • Consuming food and drink, using mobile phone in reading rooms
  • Smoking in the library


RMB 100 yuan

Loss of or damage to item

  • Pay as much as needed to make good the loss or damage
  • Buy a replacement item with legal copyright

Helpful tips

  • You can check when your library items are due back by using ‘My account’ in NUsearch.
  • If you require an item not in stock in the library, you may be eligible to use the Interlibrary loans service.