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Nagatomi Hirayama

Assistant Professor in Modern Chinese History, School of International Studies

Nagatomi Hirayama

Personal details


Room 219, Administration Building   
199 Taikang East Road Ningbo, 315100 China

+86 (0)574 8818 0396

+86 (0)574 8818 0125


PhD in History, University of Pennsylvania (PA,
MA in East Asian Studies, Duke University (NC, US) 
BA in Political Science, Waseda University (Tokyo, Japan)


Being quite transnational, Nagatomi was born in China, grew up in Japan, and completed his MA and PhD studies in the US. He joined the School of International Studies in August 2014 upon his graduation from the University of Pennsylvania. Previously, he had taught at the Camden Campus, Rutgers University, as a visiting assistant professor as well as at the University of Pennsylvania as a teaching assistant.

Expertise summary

Political and Intellectual history of Modern China, Sino-Japanese Relations, History of Socialism and Socialist Movements

Teaching and learning



  • AS2030 Japanese Colonial Empire

  • AS3024 Northeast Asia: A Region of Distant Neighbours (2014-2015)


  • DS4015Research Methods in History and Politics (2014-2015)
  • DS4043 China and the World


Research interests

The diversification of historical studies through different geographical scales and multiple modernities in the past three decades has not only added new dimensions to the research of modern China, but has also revitalised the studies of the Chinese intellectuals and political leaders during the Republican era. My research on the Chinese Youth Party belongs to the latter through the examinations of its transnational origin and local development as well as its visions for state construction, which different from those of the Nationalist and Communist Parties. I have accomplished much of this project during my dissertation research at the University of Pennsylvania. I am currently revising it into a book manuscript, planning to publish it within a few years.


Refereed articles:

  • “Staging China’s “Age of Extremes”: Divergent Radicalizations among Chinese Youth in Europe, 1922–1924,” Twentieth-Century China, to be published (January, 2019).
  • "‘Young China’ in Europe: Life and politics of May Fourth youth in Europe, 1919-1923", Historical Research, 91:252(May, 2018.
  • "Partyfing Sichuan: The Chinese Youth Party in Sichuan 1926-1937," Frontiers of History in China, 8:2(2013), 223–258.


  • Luo, Zhitian, Inheritance within Rupture-Culture and Scholarship in Early Twentieth Century China, Frontiers of History in China. 2017, 12 (2): 350-35.
  • Brian Kai Hin Tsui, China’s Forgotten Revolution: Radical Conservatism in Action, 1927-1949, Dissertation Reviews, Nov., 2015.

Conference Papers:

  • “The Chinese Youth Party in Northeast China, 1928-1931” for Panel: “Struggling for Survival: Locality in the State-Building of Republican China” at Biennial Conference of the Historical Society for Twentieth Century China, Aug 2018.
  • Experiencing “empire” and “nation” from afar: The Chinese labors and students in Europe in the 1910s and 1920s” for Panel: “Empire and Nation in Contest: Chinese Migrants in a Globalizing World” at the AHA 130th annual conference, Jan 6-10 2016, Atlanta, GA.
  • "Partifying the ‘Warlords’: The Chinese Youth Party’s Quest for Military Support, 1923-1937" for Panel: "Modern China at Gunpoint: Militarists and Military Organizations in Chinese State Construction, 1864-1937" at the Association for Asian Studies (AAS) 2013 Annual Conference, March 21-24 in San Diego, CA.
  • "Partyfing Sichuan: The Chinese Youth Party in Sichuan 1927-1937" for Panel: "Localism in Modern Chinese History: Sichuan in the Republican Era" at the Association for Asian Studies (AAS) 2012 Annual Conference, March 15-18 2012, Toronto, Canada.
  • "The Structuralization of International Communism and the Politicization of Chinese Students in Europe, 1919-1923" at the 20th Annual Graduate Conference on East Asia at Columbia University, February 4-5 2011, NYC, NY.
  • "The Third Path to Democracy: the Chinese Youth Party and the Chinese Democratic League, 1923-1941
  • for Panel: "Democracy in China: Political Science and International Relations" at the 46th Annual New York Conference on Asian Studies, October 1-2 2010, Brockport, NY.