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Gender Studies (GS)

The Gender Studies (GS) Research Priority Group aims at exploring and addressing contemporary social processes as they are shaped by gender in China and Asia.

Gender studies in China and other Asian countries are in a developmental phase. There is a widespread interest in gender which has led to the creation of initiatives promoting diversity and equality, changing or at least challenging previous notions of gender.

Gender is present in all spheres of life, both private and public, from family to friendship, to industry and organizations, literature, uses of social media, product design, teaching, or the making of national policies just to name a few. At the same time, the concept of gender intersects with other analytical categories, such as class, age, nationality, race and ethnicity. These shape gender relations differently in different spheres of life and social communities.

The Gender Studies Research Priority Group is an interdisciplinary group as our areas of expertise are in the Humanities, the Social Sciences and the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). We work in different universities in China and abroad. We come from, and have conducted research in, various cultural and national or local communities. This makes our Group not only interdisciplinary but also international and open to different and innovative ways to look at gender and gender relations.  

The Gender Studies Research Priority Group objective is to strengthen our understanding of gender in Asian cultures and societies and support interventions enhancing inclusion, diversity and equality.

Our areas of interest include (but not limited to):

  • Masculinities and femininities
  • Feminist and Queer studies
  • Abuse, bullying, domestic violence
  • Labour, business, organization
  • Language and Literature
  • Roles and relationships in the family
  • School and Education
  • Screen media
  • Translation, intercultural and international communication
  • Politics
  • Design and architecture
  • Health, aging and wellbeing


 Lily YU

 Lead: Dr. Lily YU



 Co-Lead: Giovanna COMERIO



  A-Z listing

Ada Ma (Faculty of Business)

Andrew White (International Communications)

Ashley Ng (School of English and Education)

Bingjuan Xiong (School of English and Education)

Binjie Hu (Faculty of Science and Engineering)

Bjarke Liboriussen (International Communications)

Candace Veecock (School of English and Education)

Chang Li (School of English and Education)

Cheng Xu (PhD, Faculty of Business)

Derek Irwin (School of English and Education)

Fong KHOO (PhD, International Communications)

Geoff Hall (School of English and Education)

Joy Spiliopoulos (International Studies)

Lauren Knowles (Centre for English Language Education)

Lily Lin (Economics)

Luis Torres (Faculty of Business)

Maria Julia Trombetta (International Studies)

Minghai Zhou (Economics)

Penélope Franco Estrada (Language Centre)

Ping Du (School of English and Education)

Rosaria Franco (International Studies)

Sherif Welsen (Faculty of Science and Engineering)

Sinchan Mitra (Economics)

Svenja Hanson (Chemical and Environmental Engineering)

Sylvain Pourciel (Language Centre)

Xuan Feng (Faculty of Business)

Yat Ming Loo (Faculty of Science and Engineering)

Yingfa Lu (Faculty of Business)

Yuanyuan Wang (Faculty of Business)

Zhuo Chen (Economics)

External Members

Ahmed Elamin (University of Greenwich)

Beibei Tang (Anhui Architecture University)

Bu Wei (Professor, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

Christina Jenq (New York University Shanghai)

Elina Oinas (University of Helsinki)

Hongwei Bao (University of Nottingham, UK) 

Joaquin Lopez (Kean University)

Jin Feng (Fudan University)

Katarina Leppänen  (University of Gothenburg)

Li Xuan (New York University Shanghai)

Liu Xin (University of Helsinki)

Lixian Cui (New York University Shanghai)  

Lu Li’an (Fudan University) 

MELISSA YOONG (University of Nottingham Malasia Campus)

Thomas Whyke (Ningbo University) 

Wei Wei (East China Normal University) 

Yaya Chen (Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences) 

Zhao Yan (Nord University)

The list is being updated


We run the ‘Gender, Culture and Identities Dialogues’ all year round every year (click the logo below to view more)

Gender, Culture and Identities Dialogues

Co-organizers with the Centre for Health Economics, School of Economics, FHSS, UNNC the ‘Gender and Health’ Workshop:

Time: 14 March 2019, 8:30am – 17:15pm

Venue: New International Conference Centre

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