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Ada Ma

Nottingham University Business School

  • Labour economics
  • Applied microeconometrics
  • Policy evaluation
  • Health economics
Ahmed Elamin-1024107x150

Ahmed Elamin

Department of Civil Engineering
  • Steel connections
  • Concrete-filled Structural Hollow Sections
  • Blind Bolted connections
  • Numerical Modelling of steel connections
  • Structural analysis and design using computers

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Alan Conghua Wen

Department of Mathematical Sciences

  • Analysis of the properties of Mathematical/Statistical models and exploration of their application in Engineering, Economics and Finance
  • Trading strategies of financial instruments and risk management in Asia and the Pacific markets

Ali Cheshmehzangi

Architecture and Built Environment, Engineering

  • Urban Studies
  • Sustainable urbanism and development
  • Energy and Low Income Tropical Housing and Urban Cooling      
Alvin Cheng

Alvin Cheng

Nottingham University Business School

  • Capital gains taxation
  • Corporate failure and financial distress
  • International accounting
  • Internet financial reporting
  • International taxation 
  • Accounting education

Andrew White

School of International Communications 

  • Contemporary Northern Irish politics
  • Impact of digital media on contemporary society
  • Development of the cultural and creative industries in China
Ayotunde Dawodu

Ayotunde Dawodu

Department of Architecture and Built Environment

  • Sustainable urban development
  • Sustainability assessment tools (e.g BREEAM and LEED)
  • Urban indicator development
  • Sustainable energy in buildings
  • People-centered planning for cities

Bingjuan Xiong

School of English

  • Language and social interaction
  • Language and politics
  • Intercultural communication
  • Asian communication theory
  • Chinese Internet studies
Binjie-Hu105x149 Binjie HU Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering
  • Micro/Nano-materials Engineering
  • Green Engineering
  • Reaction Engineering

Bjarke Liboriussen

School of International Communications 

  • Role of tools and technology in creative work
  • Impact of digitalisation on creative practices
  • Changing role of work spaces and collaboration

Candace Veecock

School of English

  • English Linguistics and English Applied Linguistics
  • Linguistic agency or “agentivity”
  • How speakers use different modes of description in the assignment of actions (including praise or blame) and how subjectivity and “cultural subjectivities” of action are mobilized in discourse
Casey Watters

Casey Watters

Nottingham University Business School

  • Corporate Insolvency
  • Bankruptcy
  • Company Law
  • Corporate Governance

Celia Lam

School of International Communications

  • Expressions of identity in Australian media
  • The interaction between Australian and East Asian fan cultures, media and celebrities

Chee Wei Phang

Nottingham University Business School

  • Mobile commerce
  • Social media
  • Societal impact of IT
Chris Roadknight

Chris RoadKnight

School of Computer Science

  • Applied Machine Learning
  • Modelling, Simulation
  • Networks
  • Healthcare

Christian Müller

School of International Studies

  • Transfer of political and social ideas and concepts, and models and practices of sociability (associations and associational culture) between Europe and East Asia
  • Selective adaptation of Western concepts of political and social reform in China since the 1840s
  • Conceptual histories and construction of meanings of “West” and “East” in historical context

Cong Cao  


School of Contemporary Chinese studies

  • Building a Modern, Harmonious, and Creative High-Income Society
  • China’s future development


Corey Schultz


School of International Communications
  • Chinese art film
  • Chinese visual culture
  • Film phenomenology
  • Museum studies
  • Affect studies
  • Representation of Jews and Jewishness in China

Dave Towey

of Computer Science

  • Software Testing: Metamorphic Testing; Adaptive Random Testing

  • Technology-enhanced Teaching & Learning; Open Educational Resources (OERs)

  • International Higher Education in the Chinese context

  • Computer Security 

David. K

David Kiwuwa

School of International Studies

  • Interrogation of ethnopolitics and Democratic Transition in Rwanda
  • “One Belt one Road” and its manifestation in the Great Lakes Region, examining specifically infrastructural development as peace building and regional integration
Derek-Irwin-Cropped-250x267200x213 Derek Irwin School of English
  • Systemic Functional Linguistics
  • Canadian Literature
  • Theatre
Devinder Yadav

Devinder Yadav

School of Aerospace

  • International civil aviation regulatory framework
  • Aviation safety, health & safety
  • Aircraft personnel licensing, airport engineering, airworthiness, flight operations, aircraft maintenance, project management, and aviation management

Dirk Moosmayer

Nottingham University Business School

  • Personal values, preferences, and biases on business conduct and success
  • Social (human & environmental) versus economic values and subtainability

Dorota Rzycka

School of International Communications

  • Francophone literatures and cultures
  • Various transfers (cultural, stylistic, ideological, thematic, linguistic, etc.) occurring among Chinese, Francophone and Anglophone literatures
Eugene Ch’ng

Eugene Ch’ng

School of International Communications

  • Development and application of cutting-edge Mixed Reality technology
  • investigating individual user and crowd behaviour at the interface between humans and machines (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence), which includes social media analytics
  • China’s cultural heritage contents, and how lost and existing national treasures can be digitally conserved, reconstructed, analysed, interpreted and accessed using digital technologies

Fernando Ortiz-Moya

Department of Architecture and Built Environment

  • Architectural and urban design and the different ways our physical environment can promote social integration and equality
  • Global transformations of our urban systems
  • Also studies cities from a cinematic perspective, analysing how the film media portrays the ongoing changes of our built environment

Frithjof Arp

Nottingham University Busness School

  • International and cross-cultural business topics
  • Linkage between organisational strategy and human resource management
  • Microfinance / microcredit in Asia

Geoff Hall

School of English

  • Intercultural research and research on uses of English in China is planned to develop along with continuing interest in literary stylistics, including Free Indirect Discourse and emotions in literary reception

Grant Dawson

School of International Studies

  • UN peacekeeping, UN peacemaking
  • Civil wars (especially in Namibia, Somalia, and Libya)
  • International intervention
  • Africa’s international politics in relation to China and Canada

Gregory Moore

School of International Studies

  • International relations (IR), IR theory (constructivism in particular)
  • Chinese foreign policy, US foreign policy, and the Sino-American Relations
  • East Asian IR/security, foreign policy analysis
  • The North Korean nuclear issue

Hing Kai Chan

University Business School

  • Production and operations management
  • Logistics and supply chain management
  • Scheduling
  • Technology adoption
  • Industrial informatics
  • Soft computing
Ian Photo

Ian Nelson

School of International Studies

  • British, European Union, and US foreign policy towards the Middle East, the Arab-Israeli conflict generally

  • The Israeli-Palestinian question more specifically

  • The party-political, transnational, regional and international decision and policy-making mechanisms

  • The legacies of European imperialism-colonialism in shaping the Middle Eastern region, and the complex character of the factors influencing many of the contemporary political issues

Jeanne OC

Jeanne O'Connell 

Centre of English Language Education

  • Management in transnational higher education
  • Statistics in language testing
  • Rater training in large-scale English for Academic Purposes programmes
Jie Yang UNNC Staff Photo 2017

Jie Yang

School of Mathematical Science 

  • Predictive modelling of the impact of air pollution on China’s disease burden
  • Applied mathematics with biological and engineering applications
Jin Chen

Jin Chen

University Business School

  • Technology innovation
  • External financing in emerging markets (and/or in high-velocity environments)
  • The impact of political institutions on start-ups in emerging economies
Jing Bie

Jing Bie

Department of Civil Engineering

  • The integration of different aspects of personal mobility
  • Transport economy, sustainable transport, dynamic traffic management, advanced ITS applications and services, human factors in traffic and transport.
Jing Dai

Jing Dai

University Business School

  • Green supply chain management
  • Socially and environmentally responsible value chain innovation 
  • Maritime studies 

Jing Xie

Department of Architecture and Built Environment, Engineering

  • History of built environment
  • Social and cultural sustainability of the built environment in a broad historical and cultural context
  • Urban fabrics from the Tang-Song dynasties

Joaquin Lopez

School of International Communications


  • Representations of urban landscape in Chinese contemporary photography
  • Cultural Industries in China
  • Development of e-learning and Moodle in Higher Education in China

John Lowe

School of Education

  • Relationship between education and social change
  • International higher education and transitions from education to work in the context of a global knowledge economy
  • Chinese higher education and Chinese international students

José R. Sánchez-Fung

Nottingham University Business School

  • Empirical macroeconomics and monetary policy
  • Development economics and policy
  • Emerging markets and developing economies

Joseph Askew

School of International Studies

  • China’s foreign relations
  • China’s relations with various nomadic groups to China’s north during the Ming and the Northern Wei Dynasties

Joy Spiliopoulos

School of International Studies

  • Migration of Southeast Asian health care workers
  • Migrant identity and belonging, adaptation, settlement, diasporas, mobility, inequality connected to gender, race, class
  • Health and social care for vulnerable older adults and young people and adults with disabilities

Juergen Seufert

Nottingham University Business School

  • Environmental efficiency in economics
  • Environmental management accounting
  • Environmental policy analysis
  • Critical theory in accounting
K. Cohen Tan

K. Cohen Tan

School of International Communications

  • Digital nomadism and Technology
  • Cultural studies and Critical Theory
  • Buddhist philosophy and post-structuralism


Lawrence Lau

Department of Civil Engineering

  • Multi-Gnss Asia (MGA)

Lei Li

Nottingham University Business School

  • Internationalisation strategies and processes of multinational enterprises (MNEs) based in the US and China


Lili Hernandez

School of International Communications

  • Field of Everyday Life
  • Relation between immigration and everyday life
  • Notion of the Outsider in contemporary society, particularly in China
Luis D. Torres

Luis D. Torres

Nottingham University Business School

  • Application of international development theory and the human rights approach to organisations
  • Identification of responsible business practices and models for social performance evaluation
  • Best practices for managing diversity in organisations

Margaret Gillon Dowens

School of English

  • Interested in the areas of bi/multilingualism and the effects of aging on language learning
  • Literal and figurative language in text and visual images and how this varies across cultures
  • Morphosyntax processing, visual word/character processing and non-literal language processing, in language combinations
Maria Luo

Maria Luo

Nottingham University Business School

  • Service marketing
  • Triggers of customers' aggressive behaviours in service firms

Mark Bailey

School of International Studies  

  • The Role of Political Myth in legitimating visions of World Order
  • Mythmaking within Critical Scholarship on Globalisation
  • The Politics of Global Development 
  • United States Foreign Policy since 1945
  • The Politics of the ‘Alter-Globalisation’ Movement
  • The Political Philosophies of Eric Voegelin, Leo Strauss and Ernst Cassirer
Martin Lockett

Martin Lockett

University Business School

  • Innovation
  • Information systems strategy and management
  • People and change management
  • Research methods
  • Academic study skills

Martin J Liu

Nottingham University Business School

  • Streams of consumer behaviour, e-marketing and brand strategy
  • How authenticity is created and communicated to better value propositions to consumers
  • Corporate reputation strategies
Meili Feng

Meili Feng

School of Geographical

  • Water quality modeling based on biogeochemistry processes
  • River hydrology and ecologically related implications
  • The impacts of hydropower regulation on river thermal regimes and fish habitat suitability
  • Temporal-spatial characterization of hydropeaking and thermopeaking effects
  • Nutrient cycling and river ecology in quasi-steady and unsteady systems
  • Networks analysis and ecosystem approaches to management

Melissa Shani Brown

School of  Internatonal Communications

  • Changeable definitions of ‘silence’ across various discourses
  • Interdisciplinary approaches to space, visuality, and identity, with a particular focus on Michel Foucault's concept of heterotopias in China
  • Animal and gender studies
Mengxia XU

Mengxia XU

Chemical and Environmental Engineering

  • Environmental fate of toxic combustion by-products (CBPs),
  • Development of environmental catalysts/adsorbents for the simultaneous removal of multi-pollutants
  • Reaction kinetics of pyrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass for liquid fuels

Minghai Zhou

School of Ecinomics

  • Labor economics, development economics and international economics
  • Income distribution, CEO labour markets, outward FDI in China

Nagatomi Hirayama

School of International Studies

  • Political and Intellectual history of Modern China
  • Sino-Japanese Relations
  • History of Socialism and Socialist Movements

Nancy Liu

School of International Communications

  • Social meanings of translation, media texts in particular
  • Framing in journalism with news translation studies
  • Chinese media (text) translation

Nicholas Ross Smith

School of International Studies

  • Foreign Policy Analysis
  • Geopolitics & Geoeconomics
  • International Relations theory
  • Democracy & Democratisation

Odette Paramor

Department of Geographical Sciences

  • Applied marine ecology
  • Ecosystem approaches to the management of natural resources in aquatic systems in Europe and West Africa
  • Ecosystem effects of human activities in marine systems, habitat restoration and linking ecological functioning to the delivery of ecosystem services

Paolo Bianchi

Nottingham University Business School

  • Growth of Chinese Firms, Bias of Professional Forecasters, Political Economy limites to Trade
  • Issues relevant to the new economic growth model for China
Paolo Di Giannatale

Paolo Di Giannatale

Nottingham University Business School

  • Corporate Governance
  • Industrial Economics
  • Applied Economics
  • Competition Policy
  • Evolution of Chinese Banking Sector
  • Post-integration performance of domestic and cross-border M&As in China
Paul Martin

Paul Martin

School of International Communications

  • Game studies focuses on textual analysis, expression in games, and the phenomenology of digital game play
  • Technology in the classroom mainly focuses on developing theory around student notetaking
  • Japanese popular culture

Penélope Franco Estrada

Language Centre
  • Public Relations 
  • Internal Communications 
  • Qualitative Methods 
  • Social Communication 
Peter H

Peter Hofman

Nottingham University Business School

  • Corporate social responsibility in China
  • Upgrading, innovation and CSR in Chinese firms
  • Eco-innovation in Chinese firms
  • Stakeholder engagement strategies of Chinese mnes
  • Sustainability strategies in Chinese firms
peter L

Peter Lamb

Nottingham University Business School

  • How to involve students and other users in the translation and adaptation of theories
  • User-centred translation
  • How organisational strategies are translated within organisations

Peter Li

Nottingham University Business School

  • Emerging issues of entrepreneurship
  • Innovation in the special context of international business

Ping Du

School of English

  • Development of a bilingual (Chinese and English) corpus of workplace interactions in the multicultural Chinese workplace
  • Intercultural differences in relational strategies at workplace meetings
  • Development of frameworks for the analysis and explanation of such differences

Robert Weekly

School of English

  • World Englishes
  • English as a Lingua Franca
  • Multilingualism
  • Language Policy and how these relate to the practice of English language teaching

Rongrong Sun

School of Economics

  • Macroeconomics
  • Monetary Economics
  • Chinese Economic Studies
Rosangela Tenorio

Rosangela Tenorio

Architecture and Built Environment

  • Self-sufficient Design of Schools/Green Schools
  • Low carbon materials and roof design in warming climates
  • Integration of traditional construction methods and performance into sustainable urban settlements
  • Design Education
  • Sino-Latin American Architectural Studies

Rosaria Franco

School of International Studies

  • Childhood, cultures of care, and welfare in Asia
  • Social policy and societal responses to counter the effects of mass migration on children
  • Western and Chinese humanitarian cultures in comparative perspective with reference to the assistance to Chinese child refugee children in 1950s’ Hong Kong

Ruairidh Brown

School of International Studies

  • Political and International Relations Theory and Philosophy

  • Issues related to the Asian and Pacific Studies

  • State legitimacy and Political Obligation

Russa photo

Russa Yuan

Nottingham University Business School

  • Green consumption

  • New emerging economy

  • How marketing innovations such as green marketing and share economy influence on consumer behaviour and branding strategies of companies

Saeid Pourroostaei Ardakani

Saeid Pourroostaei Ardakani 

Computer Science

  • Internet of things (IoT)
  • Sensory systems
  • Networks
  • Affective computing
  • Educational technology

Saileshsingh Gunessee

Nottingham University Business School

  • Role of institutional distance on Chinese MNEs location choice in the Asia-Pacific region
  • Chinese OFDI in Africa
  • Drivers of outbound Chinese M&As
  • Role of ethnic networks in the location of South Korean enterprises in China
  • Drivers behind small private business formation in Chinese regions
Sathyaprakash Balaji Makam 

Balaji Makam

Nottingham University Business School

  • Service failure and perceived injustice, word-of-mouth communication on social media, pro-environmental behaviors, and customer interaction with people and technology
  • Understanding the differences in customer evaluation of justice, service failure, and social communication in developing and developed countries
Sherif-Welsen Sherif Welsen Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Digital Communications,Wireless Sensor Networks,Error Control Coding, FPGAs, VHDL, Computer Architecture/Organization, Low-Power Digital VLSI, Microprocessors and Interfacing, Software Defined Radios

Shih-wei Hsu

Nottingham University Business School

  • Knowledge management
  • Poststructuralism
  • Leadership
  • Risk theories
  • Business ethics in the Chinese context

Shixin Ivy Zhang

School of International Communications

  • Journal-ism Studies
  • Newsroom convergence
  • Media management and media globalization

Simon Harrison

School of English

  • Communicative movements of the body
  • Negation and gesture
  • The way English speakers express negation in face-to-face communication

Sinchan Mitra

School of Economics

  • The nature of the economic relationship among a set of Asian economies
  • Exchange rate dynamics in several Asian economies
  • The costs of informalization

Stephen Adiano -Moore

School of International Communications

  • Film studies
  • Media industry studies
  • Film sound and sound studies
  • Labor politics and its impact on production practices and media industry research methodologies

Stephen Morgan

Nottingham University Business School

  • Economic and business history China
  • International business and strategic management
Susan Huang

Susan Huang

Centre of English Language Education

  • Identity and cultures

  • Identity communication

  • Language teaching/learning


Sylvain Pourciel

Language Centre

  • Queer studies, in particular queer forms of art (queer cinema and queer music)

  • Sociology of queer (dynamics of queer communities, domestic violence and violence in queer communities, the role of family in queer identity)

  • Psychology; Masculinities and femininities; Language and linguistics; Feminist Studies

Tengwen Long

Tengwen Long

of Geographical Sciences

  • Human-environmental interactions in East Asia
  • Physical geography
  • Reconstructing environmental history using sediment-based records

Tracey Fallon


School of Contemporary Chinese Studies

  • Convergences between culture and politics of contemporary China
  • Transnational reproduction of China’s official national identity through the examination of Mandarin textbooks for foreign learners

Xiaogang Bi

Nottingham University Business School

  • Mergers & acquisition
  • Institutional investors and behavioural finance

Xiaoge XU

School of International Communications

  • Media and communications
  • Mobile Studies
  • Creative Industries
  • Experience Studies 

Xiaoling Zhang

School of Contemporary Chinese Studies

  • The transformation of media, culture and society in China
  • Wide publishment on the shifting cultural and media landscapes in China, especially the new media technologies

Xu Tang

Faculty of Science and Engineering

  • Beidou, the Chinese version of GPS
Xuan Feng

Xuan Feng

Nottingham University Business School

  • Human, organizational and corporate factors that influence effective leadership in business
  • Currently, her work investigates the antecedents and mechanisms of servant leadership in various business contexts
  • Developing, implementing and evaluating of interventions to promote people and organizational development in compelling work contexts and organisations in China and Asia
Dr. Yangyang Jiang_photo-

Yangyang Jiang

Nottingham University Business School

  • Customer experience management
  • Consumer behaviour, services marketing, tourism marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Sustainable development

Yat Ming Loo

Department of Architecture and Built Environment

  • New methods aimed at a global understanding of architecture and urbanism linking the experience, knowledge and practices in the West and Asia
  • Architecture and Immigration in London: The Lost History of Limehouse Chinatown (1900-1970)

Yi Wang

Nottingham University Business School

  • Tourism policy-making
  • Cultural tourism interpretation
  • Sustainable tourism planning

Yiben Ma

Centre for English Language Education

  • Chinese nationalism
  • The role of the internet in shaping nationalist politics in contemporary China

Yibai Yang

School of Economics

  • Economic growth
  • Technological change
  • R&D
  • Industrial organization
Yingfa LU

Yingfa LU

Nottingham University Business School

  • Auditing
  • Accounting
  • Corporate governance 
  • Business law
Yuqiang Zhang

Yuqian Zhang

Nottingham University Business School

  • Uncertainty judgment

  • IFRS uncertainty expressions

  • Accounting Numeracy

  • Foreign language effect

  • Psycholinguistic in business

Yu ting

Yu-Ting Tang

Department of Geographical Sciences

  • Brownfied regeneration
  • Effects of the changing land uses on various environmental and socio-economic conditions in China
Photo - Zhao Cai

Zhao Cai

Nottingham University Business School

  • Blockchain business applications

  • Cryptocurrency

  • Digital supply chain management

  • Enterprise Social Media and Platform Competition

Zhijing ZHU

Zhijing Zhu

University Business School

  • Innovations in emerging economies
  • Open innovation and ecosystems
  • Firm and industry evolution
  • International strategy
Zhuo Chen

Zhuo Chen

School of Economics

  • Health economics
  • Applied econometrics
  • Social determinants of health
  • Methods in measuring health disparities
  • Statistical methods.

Our research fellow list is continually being updated.