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NameDepartmentResearch area

Agata Ewa Wrochna

International Communications

  • East Asian cinematographies, television and media, field of women studies and the representations of the relationship between forms of contemporary feminism and the patriarchal ideals of femininity in popular culture
  • Contemporary South Korean female on-screen experience and the degree to which the female-centred cinematic texts incorporate the concepts of neo liberal feminism and fuse them with the historically preconceived notions of neo Confucian teachings on femininity


Nottingham University Business School

  • Sustainable social entrepreneurship in Emerging economies
  • Focus on social enterprises for the physically and/or mentally challenged
  • Looking at cross border research/comparison between Africa and China

Bowen Sun

School of International Studies

  • Adaptability of Ningbo’s traditional local society towards the challenges of modernisation, especially during the late Qing and Republican era
  • Impact of global trade upon Ningbo and how local community and central authority responded to these changes brought by modernisation
  • Influence of newly spreading modern thinking upon local people and community

Chang Li

School of Education and English 

  • Translating feminism in the digital age

  • Chinese feminism and transnational feminism

Chee Yap Chung

Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering

  • Environmental engineering, for example air pollution, waste management and water treatment

Craig Simon

School of International Studies

  • Chinese center-local relations
  • Chinese sister city networks
  • IR theory
  • Sino-US Relations
  • Sub-state diplomacy
  • Transnational history

Dinh Tam Phuc

School of International Studies

  • Politics and economy of China and Vietnam, not only in terms of political structure and governance, but also in terms of economic policies and ties
  • Global cities especially those in Asia, varieties of capitalism and regionalism in Asia
  • Comparative study of Chinese and Vietnamese industrial policies and their policy-making processes, as well as their impacts on the business development in each country

Fangfang Hou

Nottingham University Business School

  • Contribution of intellectual property systems to innovation in e-commerce industry and economic development
  • Perceptions of e-commerce entrepreneurs on IP policy and what influences them
  • Similarities and differences in the role of IP policy in influencing innovations in e-commerce industry in China and the UK

Leilei Zhang

Schools of International Studies

  • The social functions of marketplaces - an ethnography of Yiwu wholesale market

  • Transnational trade network 

  • Community development 

  • Silk Road Studies

Linjun Xie

Schools of International Studies and Built Environment and Architecture

  • Urban planning and eco-city, eco- and smart-city development, social justice and inclusion, sustainable governance, environmental sustainability, green economy, and land use and spatial planning.
  • ‘ESRC-funded project on Smart Eco-cities for a Green Economy: A Comparative Study of Europe and China’

Matumelo Tintswalo Wilkin

School of International Studies

  • China-Africa relations with a focus on Foreign Direct Investments between South Africa and China, whether this FDI trickles down to women in patriarchal societies such as South Africa and China

Min Hui Yap

School of Science and Engineering

  • China sustainable environmental management, waste-to-energy production, value added products and circular economy
  • Process of plastics chemical recycling and utilising waste plastics in the synthesis of carbon materials

Mengqi Shao

School of International Studies

  • Social justice and environmental justice achievement in the Belt and Road Initiative plan, especially for those International Cooperation Parks sites along the B&R Route


Nottingham University Business School

  • The emergence of resource suppliers in Asia pacific region, to understand the social and economic casualty of this development
  • Inhance resilience in Asia pasicfic sourcing to develop proactive global supply chain
  • Trust and credibility in the Asian supply chain 

Peter Krasnopolsky

School of International Studies

  • China’s response to Eurasian integration
  • Dynamics of China’s engagement in central Asia
  • Theorising the way Central Asian states respond to major powers' engagement in the region

Phoebe Miles 

School of Education and English

  • The provision of smoking cessation services within healthcare settings in China

Pranab K. Barua

International Doctoral Innovation Centre

  • Asia-Pacific development of a sense of integrated security and stability regarding food-water-energy
  • Feasible tradeoffs based on the diversity, magnitude and demand of food, water and energy resources as learning outcomes from a holistic research

Shijin Zhou

Nottingham University Business School

  • Innovation adoption process in the building sector

Siqun Xu

School of Education and English 

  • Sociolinguistics
  • Gender/Identity (qualitative methods), conversation analysis, discourse analysis, social networks and communities of practice
  • Features of parent-child talk in single parent family context in China

Xiang (Alia) Li

School of International Studies
  • Policy study of cultural city branding innovation under the background of Belt and Road Initiative: A case study of city Ningbo (research topic)
  • City branding
  • Belt and Road Initiative
  • Urban governance

Xuefei Tong

School of International Communications

  • Contemporary China’s cultural production in the internet age

  • Changes of China’s cultural production and cultures

  • Changes in the society’s nature in the internet age

Yanyan Chen

Nottingham University Business School

  • Impact of the feeling of shame on conspicuous consumption in the Chinese context

Yidi Hua

School of International Studies

  • Sino-Africa relations in both political and economic fields
  • Political and economic effect of Belt and Road Initiative

Yijin Lin

School of Education and English

  • Second language learning in later life stages and the possible impacts of learning a new language on health, wellbeing and cognitive function

Our PhD fellow list is continually being updated.