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Mayinred_165Professor May Tan-Mullins, Director of IAPS China

Welcome from the Director of IAPS 

Welcome to IAPS China. IAPS China is an international community of world renowned scholars, excellent early-career researchers and research students. It is the mission of IAPS to produce world class research, build bridges between different disciplines and develop people to their fullest potential in terms of research, knowledge exchange and engagement. IAPS is an unique entity in UNNC as it also represent the diverse and vibrant community of UNNC as we currently have over 70 research fellows, 20 global affiliated fellows and 26 PhD fellows. We are keen to further explore collaboration opportunities and develop international linkages and networks with you. We look forward to working with you in the near future and many thanks again.



For more information on how to become a research fellow of IAPS China, please contact us: