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IAPS Intern Recruitment 2019/2020 

The Institute of Asia and Pacific Studies (IAPS) is a university-wide research institute and has three research priority groups (RPG). We would like to invite students of high calibre with extreme interest in the affairs of the Asia and Pacific region to join its internship programme. This internship will start from 1st September 2019 and end on 31st August 2020.

The following positions are available and open to undergraduate year 1- 3 from all majors:

Cultural & Creative Industries RPG (lead by Dr. Celia Lam)

  • Logistics (2 people)

Gender Studies RPG (lead by Dr. Lily YU)

  • Logistics (2 people)

The Asia Pacific in the Anthropocene: Non-Traditional Security Challenges RPG (lead by Dr. Maria Julia Trombetta) - this will open by September 2019

Proposed research themes: From national to human and ecosystem security; Climate Change; Water security; Critical infrastructures protection; Energy security in the Asia Pacific: The security dimensions of pollution Health security; Security, securitization, language games, emotions; Humanitarian and post-disaster intervention

  • Logistics (1 people)

Central IAPS Team

  • Publicity (1 people)
  • Logistics (1 people)


Vacancy Descriptions:


  • Maintaining social media platform for IAPS and its projects (e.g. WeChat)

  • Designing posters for the Distinguished Professors seminars, public lectures, workshops and related events

  • Maintaining and updating the IAPS university website

  • Recording videos, conducting interviews and taking photos in IAPS-hosted seminars, workshops and related events


  • Managing logistics (i.e. refreshment preparation, venue layout and on-site support) for both closed-door and public lectures/seminars/workshops/conferences

  • Guiding Campus Tour and City Tour for visiting scholars

  • Managing and updating the IAPS Researcher Database

  • Preparing team building activities for IAPS interns

In some cases there will be job rotation and coordination across groups and teams based on actual situation.

The IAPS will provide the following benefits:

  • The official certification

  • Research opportunities

  • NAA credits (optional)

  • Payment for part time jobs (where available)

  • Workshops provided by director/deputy director (such as career suggestions and research skills)

Work as part of the IAPS internship is undertaken on a voluntary basis will not be paid except for research work when available.

Applicants will be assessed based on the submitted documents and successful applicants will need to attend an interview for the final assessment. Training sessions will be offered to help the interns to familiarize themselves with the duties connected to the internship, especially for interns responsible in the Publicity department due to the type of work involved.

Please note that this internship programme requires interns to be available for tasks taking place mostly on campus (excluding university holiday period) during the internship period, hence applicants who are also applying for exchange programme or planning to take a gap year will not be considered for the academic year for which they plan to travel.

Interested applicants should provide following documents in English as attachments in their application email:

  • CV indicating relevance to the post that you are applying for

  • Personal Statement outlining your study/research interests and motivation for joining the IAPS internship (1 page at maximum or approx. 200-500 words)

  • Please name the CV/PS as “Department-PRG/Central-Name-Year (during application)-Major”, for instance “Logistics-Gender Studies-Filbert LEE-Y3-IS”

And send them to the IAPS university email at by 16.00pm, Monday 8th April 2019.

Many thanks and we are looking forward to receiving your applications!