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Affiliated research fellows 

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 PhotoName DepartmentResearch area

Albert Salamanca 


Stockholm Environment
Institute (Asia)

  • Climate change adaptation, livelihoods, agrarian change, risk and vulnerability
  • Leading the action research component of the Mekong Partnership for the Environment (MPE) while editing the Small Islands and Climate Change initiative in weADAPT
Chenxue You  Chenxue You PhD student, National University of Singapore
  • Relations between the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and Burma in the early Cold War era
  • Burmese-PRC border negotiations, and why Peking and Rangoon came to the border deal as they did, through archives from Myanmar, Mainland China, Taiwan, and the USA
Chieh Huang  Chieh Huang  
  • China,WTO, international economic law, trade disputes, Taiwan, economic agreements
Chris Hamnett Chris
Department of Geography
in King’s College London
  • A leading British expert on housing wealth and inheritance and a leading researcher in the fields of social polarization, gentrification and housing
  • Currently interested in the urbanization of China and the economic and social issues involved. He is a frequent visitor to China
Crison Chien  Crison Chien Associate Professor of Human Geography, National
Taiwan University
  • Development geography, the geography of globalization, transnational studies, the political economy of urban and regional development, political ecology of cross-border environmental process and governance, smart- and eco- cities, with empirical focuses on the Global South in general and post-socialist China in particular
1.Cristina Greco_Photo Profile - Copy Cristina Greco

Vice-Dean, Assistant Professor, Jeddah College of Advertising, University of Business and Technology, Jeddah (KSA)

  • Communication theories 
  • Semiotics
  • Visual culture
  • Comics studies 
  • Interactivity and digital culture 
  • Collective memory and trauma theories 
Federico Caprotti  Federico
Associate Professor in Human Geography at the University of Exeter
  • Critical approaches to sustainable urbanism
  • Eco-city projects and smart city projects in China and, more recently, also in South Africa and the EU
  • Currently leads an international research consortium focusing on smart eco-city projects in China and the EU
Felix Olorunfemi 


Associate Professor in the Social and Governance Policy Research Department, Nigerian Institute of Social and Economic Research, Ibadan, Nigeria
  • Climate change adaptation
  • Disaster risk management
  • Natural resource management
  • Green Economy
  • Energy
 Frans Sengers Frans Sengers Postdoctoral researcher at the Copernicus Institute for Sustainable Development, Utrecht University
  • Sustainable development, socio-technical transitions, urban transport, smart urbanism, eco-cities, Thailand, China
  • Transformative change in urban contexts, with an emphasis on ‘eco-city’ and ‘smart city’ developments within Europe and China
Gary Chen Gary Chen Assisstant General Manager, HDs Schools
  • Healthcare
  • Public-Private Partnership
  • Creative industries
  • Marine energy
  • Outbound investment
  • Zhejiang Province
  • China
Gernot Klantsching  Gernot

Senior Lecturer in Social Policy and Crime and Director of the MA in Global Crime and Justice, University of York

  • Developing countries’ role in the international trade and control of illegal drugs and the politics of crime, health and security forces
  • Chinese drug policy and healthcare reforms over the last three decades, as well as China’s growing economic and political engagement with West Africa, especially the trade in pharmaceuticals

Ian Baird  Ian Baird Associate Professor in the Department of Geography, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Political ecology perspective, development issues in Laos, Cambodia and Thailand
  • Identity issues, especially amongst upland ethnic minorities and indigenous peoples in Southeast Asia, “marginal histories”
  • China’s southern borders with Myanmar and Laos
James  James Griffiths National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA), New Zealand
  • Flood risk modelling of the coastal cities of Eastern China
  • Sustainable urban water management
  • Water resource issues in the Asia-Pacific region
Leo Lester  Leo Lester Research Fellow at the King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Centre (KAPSARC)
  • Established the Centre’s presence in China, building strong relations with both government and independent research centres, while leading their North East Asian research
  • Political energy economy of China, and energy relations between the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council and North East Asian economies
Leonardo Romei_Photo Profile Leonardo Romei

Vice-Dean, Assistant Professor, Jeddah College of Advertising, University of Business and Technology, Jeddah (KSA)

  • Visual Communication
  • Communication and Society 
Lila Buckley  Lila Buckley Senior researcher in International Institute for
Environment and Development
  • Chinese civil society, agriculture and environmental policy
  • China-Africa agriculture technology transfer, aid, trade and investments, with a particular focus on Uganda and Malawi
  • Disruptive change, funding, partnership and organisational management approaches from the perspective of NGO leaders in the Global South
MYR profile photo 120919  Ming-Yeh  Rawnsley

Research Associate, Centre of Taiwan Studies, SOAS, University of London

Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Taiwan Studies

  • East Asian Cinema, especially Taiwan cinema and Chinese-language cinemas
  • Cultural diplomacy and film festivals in Asia
  • Trans-disciplinary science communications
  • International coproduction of documentaries in China
Dr_Paul_Belesky Paul Belesky

Affiliated Postdoctoral Researcher, the Global Change Institute, University of Queensland

  • International Political Economy of East Asia
  • Non-traditional security studies in the Asia–Pacific; the water, energy and food security nexus; food security; food policy; sustainable agriculture, rural livelihoods and agrarian change
  • International trade and development; Chinese state capitalism; Chinese agricultural policy; China’s ‘green’ finance system
Philipp Spaeth  Philipp Spaeth Senior researcher and lecturer at the institute of environmental social sciences and geography at the Albert-Ludwigs-University in Freiburg
  • Principal investigator of the German contribution to an international research consortium with partners in China, the Netherlands, France and Great Britain, researching urban governance in Smart Eco-Cities
  • Governance of socio-technical change (in energy and mobility), and often focusing on urban planning and interactions across governance levels
Qian Zhang  Qian Zhang PhD student in
History and classical studies, McGill University
  • South Asia, China, Diplomacy, International History, Modernity
  • China’s external behaviours in terrirorial disputes
  • Sino-Indian relations in the early Cold War period
Ruben Gonzalez-Vicente  Ruben Gonzalez-Vicente University lecturer at Leiden University
  • ‘South-South’ development cooperation
  • China's global role and its relations with Latin America and the Caribbean
  • The role of natural resources in processes of development
  • The transformation of politics under late capitalism 
Zhao Xiaoyu Xiaoyu Zhao

Assistant researcher of Institute of International Studies, the Guangzhou Academy of Social Sciences

  • Chinese Territorial Disputes
  • International Relations theory
  • Foreign Policy Analysis
Yu Li  Yu Li

Director of China-UK Research Centre for Eco-cities and Sustainable Development, Director of MSc Eco-cities; Director of Board for Chinese Society for Urban Studies; Cardiff University

  • Planning system; regional planning and governance, development strategy, eco-city
    planning and development
Yuzhou Sun 

Yuzhou Sun

DPhil student in History, University of Oxford
  • Contacts between Chinese and Africans from the fifteenth century onwards, the People’s Republic of China’s engagements with Kenya and Zambia from political, ideological and social perspectives
  • Zambia, Kenya, South Africa, and China

Our affiliated research fellow list is continually being updated.