Research in the School of International Studies

The School of International Studies takes research as its core foundation. We strive to engage in innovative, cutting edge, demonstrable and informative research utilizing both traditional research approaches and new technologies to interrogate many social, political, economic and historical phenomenons that is the focus of our multidisciplinary team of academics. The School’s academics are from a diverse cultural and intellectual background working and researching in International Relations, Comparative Politics, Political Science, Political History, Human Geography, European, Chinese and Social Histories capturing all the core regions of the world. It is this multidisciplinary foundation that makes SIS a unique place to work and study.  

China’s place in the world has been transformational and continues to do so and with such momentum inevitably impacts the world in a variety of ways. The School therefore considers its location in China as a critical comparative and unique advantage to pursue collaborative research projects within the university, across the University of Nottingham campus family, local universities and research outfits in the country, region and further afield. The expectation is not only to be the bridgehead to researching China from within among other places but equally to build a base of knowledge on China and the region that contributes to constructive academic dialogues.

Academics in the school have developed a formidable international research reputation and expertise in their diverse fields, routinely being sought and providing expertise to think tanks, governments and the world media. Specific areas of strength are China in the World, Conflict and Security Analysis, Politics and Political Economy of the Middle East, Sub Saharan Africa, Asia-Pacific and Eurasian regions, Transnational histories to mention but a few. The school takes its dissemination of research as seriously as its teaching and as such most of the academics are not only published authors of books and research articles but also actively engage in regular research dissemination activities both within domestic and international forums. The School champions the University of Nottingham creed of research excellence and as such has an established enabling environment that provides its academics wide ranging support to facilitate the achievement of the highest standards of research output and research led pedagogy. To promote intellectual exchange, the School routinely hosts distinguished leading academics and practitioners in various fields to share their research and knowledge with both staff and students enriching the culture of intellectual engagement.



Christian Mueller

Director of Research

School of International Studies University of Nottingham, Ningbo, China