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David E. Kiwuwa PhD (Associate Professor of International Studies)


The School of International Studies' Center for Advanced International Studies (CAIS) is the principal hub that anchors and drives the School's research agenda. It brings together and leverages a diverse cohort of scholars within and outside the school to realise the University core objective of research excellence. As such we are delighted to provide you a general introduction to the Center's work. We seek to engage with students, academics within the University of Nottingham family, international community of scholars, practioners and general public at large.


About the Centre:

CAIS is positioned as an interdisciplinary center dedicated to the study and promotion of issues broadly reflected in the research and teaching portfolio of the School of International Studies and its academic staff.

The center seeks to harness and promote research excellence and understanding of the interconnectedness of global political and historical challenges and narratives and how these inform our contemporary world.

CAIS serves as an interlocutor for cross themed research and dialogue in furtherance of the university interdisciplinary agenda.

It cooperates and collaborates with domestic, regional and international institutes, schools, organisations and individuals interested in research into issues that characterize the scope of CAIS.

Focus: The center activities are built around four core aims: high quality research output and publication; dissemination and communication of research to staff and students community and to external audiences; harness intellectual dialogue through conferences, workshops and speakers series. In order to nurture the next generation of scholars, CAIS is a doctoral center of excellence which recruits and hosts high calibre research students through competitive scholarships and self funded schemes.


Social impact/outreach:

The knowledge of a scholar should not be confined to the ivory tower in which we work but should be seen to be impactful to the broader community. As such, the work of the centre is pivotal in helping inform public opinion, governments and professional organisation decision making to achieve broad social impact. We therefore welcome policy engagement and inquiry in order to bring fresh and critical perspectives to the understanding of contemporary challenges. Our academics are available for media and policy consultancy.   

Maximilian Mayer
Dr Maximilian Mayer gave a presentation on “The Role of Cities in China’s Belt and Road Initiative” at “New Global Cities: The Belt and Road Initiative and Urban Infrastructure”




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