Tu Haiming Scholarship 

The Tu Haiming Scholarship (2016-2020) is named after Mr. Tu Haiming, who donated $1M HKD to the School of International Communication (IC) to encourage and stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship for students registered in IC.


Mr. Tu Haiming 

Mr. Tu Haiming bio

Mr. Tu Haiming is a well-known entrepreneur, businessman, social activist and critic based in Shanghai and Hong Kong, and he has a leading role in the overseas Chinese association with high social impact. Among the numerous positions he has held in this capacity are as follows:

  • Honorary-Chairman of Hong Kong Federation of Overseas Chinese Association
  • Honorary- Director of The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce
  • Executive Vice-Chairman of Shanghai Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce
  • Honorary-Chairman of The Hong Kong Overseas Chinese General Association
  • Executive Vice-Chairman of China Federation of Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs
  • Vice-Chairman of China Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs Association
  • Vice-Chairman of Shanghai Real Estate Association
  • Vice-President of Yan Oi Tong
  • Member of the BOD of Fudan University.
  • Member of Chinese Association of Hong Kong & Macao Studies
  • ‘Si Yuan Guest Professor’ (2016) awarded by the University of Nottingham Ningbo China.



As Director of Shanghai Charity Foundation, Mr. Tu Haiming is committed to philanthropy and charity work as part of his public service, and has actively contributed to efforts during the Sichuan and Yushu earthquakes.

In recognition of his philanthropy work he was awarded the following:

  • China charity special contribution award
  • Shanghai Charity star
  • Inaugural Shanghai municipal government Charity Award
  • Shanghai charity special contribution award

As a social activist, Mr Tu Haiming has facilitated peaceful and positive dialogue in the mainstream press between the mainland and Hong Kong aimed at safeguarding Hong Kong’s continued prosperity and stability within the framework of “one country, two systems”. He serves in numerous position

  • Director of China Overseas Friendship Association
  • Executive Director of China Overseas Exchange Association
  • Vice-Chairman of Shanghai Federation of the Returned Overseas Chinese
  • Vice-Chairman of Shanghai Huaxia Culture & Economy Promotion Association
  • Standing Committee Member of Shanghai Committee of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference
  • Executive Vice-Chairman of Hong Kong Association for Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China
  • Committee Member of Federation of the Returned Overseas Chinese


Tu Haiming Scholarship Award list for Innovative Coursework (2017-18)
 No.Student No. Name. 
 1  20027368  Mentari PITER 
 2  16521401  XU Yirou 徐依柔 
 3  16521398  XU Anyi 徐安怡
 4  16521426  ZHANG Yali 张娅莉 
 5  16521274  AI Meishu 艾美姝 
 6  16521427  ZHANG Yingmu 张潆木 
 7  16521063  LUO Yan 罗琰 
 8  16521387  WENG Xulin 翁煦临 
 9  16521408  YANG Zhizhang 杨知章 
 10  16521434  ZHAO Zitong 赵梓彤


Tu Haiming Scholarship Award list for Innovative Coursework (2018-19)
 No.Student No. Name.
 1  20031720  Wu Haotian 吴浩天
 2  20029698  Yu Hangmei 喻杭梅 
 3  20031803  You Meierjie 游梅尔杰
 4 20029965   Chen Zenan 陈泽南 
 5  20029170  Wang Jiate 王加特 
 6  20031537 Hu Zichen 胡紫晨  
 7  20029524  Wu Hongwei 吴宏伟
 8  20031497  Chen Ru 陈如 
 9  20031774  Yu Binyi 于斌艺 
 10 20031537   Mao Xinyue 毛昕玥


 Mentari PITER

Tu Haiming Scholarship 2018

Mentari PITER (Indonesia)


"This is my first time receiving a scholarship in a University and it feels surreal, even until now it still feels surreal. I think the structures of the modules in terms of the assessments were very well-organized and the workload was just enough. Thus, I think it is very beneficial for students not just to get good marks but also to learn and enjoy the overall processes of working in groups as well as individually. Not to mention that both the module conveners for MS and CT are very kind and helpful :) Lastly, I would like to thank Mr. Tu Haiming for his contribution to our learning in University of Nottingham Ningbo China."



Chen Zenan

Tu Haiming Scholarship 2019

Chen Zenan (China)  
"It is my great honor of receiving the Tu Haiming Scholarship. I would like to thank the entire scholarship committee and Mr Tu Haiming, the scholarship donator. After a year of studying in the School of International Communications, I can feel that my classmates and tutors are extremely passionate and generous about their knowledge. I received great help from the whole department, and I am thankful for that. In Communication and Technology, we gained the basic knowledge of frontier technologies and how they are related to media and communication. Media and Society is the subject that I found most useful for me. This module provided me essential information and professional skills which will be required in future career. Overall, I am thankful for having this opportunity and grateful for everyone who have helped me."


Latest call for Tu Haiming PhD scholarship before 15 May 2020

Please find more information at: 

PhD Scholarship in Cultural Diplomacy and Soft Power (2020 Entry)