Graduated EdD Students




Thesis Title

Main supervisor

Second supervisor


An Alternative Approach to ELT for None-English Majors at China’s Tertiary-level Education

Anwei Feng

Chris Hall

Murphy Fei MA

Low achievement in English language learning: A case study of a Chinese tier-3 university under the lens of complexity theory

Anwei Feng

Chris Hall

Moon Yue QIN

What is the college students’ online identity in China? From the students’ perspective

John Lowe

Anton Franks

Emily Yumei


The learning motivation and experience of students in the International Baccalaureate stream of a Chinese government school

Chris Hall

Shaaron Ainsworth


Evaluation and enhancement of practically in educational assessments: a conceptual analysis and three cases

John Lowe

Chris Hall

Catherine Lin LI

Complex and dynamic nature of L2 motivation                  

Anwei Feng

Jane Evison


How international teachers construct cross-cultural identities in an internationalised school in Shanghai, China             

Bob Adamson

Lucy Cooker

Edward Xiaoming SHI

The impact of teaching about the nature of science in a senior high school in China        

Chris Hall

Jane Medwell



Current EdD Students


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