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Faculty of Business

Nottingham University Business School (NUBS) China

Accounting, Corporate Social Responsibility, Economy, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Human Resource Management, International Business, Information System, Marketing, Organisational Behaviour, Operations Management, Strategy.


For research proposal discussion: Dr Jie Wang (Fifi):

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


Higher Education, includes Professional Doctorate in Education (EdD, part time)

for research proposal discussion, Professor Anwei Feng:


Applied Linguistics, Discourse Analysis, Literary Studies, Psycholinguistics/Cognitive Neuroscience of Language, Approaches/theoretical Orientations.

For research proposal discussion: Dr Nancy Liu:


  • Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Applied Econometrics
  • International Trade, Foreign Direct Investment, Economics of Regional Integration, Tourism Economics
  • Development Economics; Economics of Emerging Economies (e.g., China & African Countries)
  • Mathematical Economics, Game Theory
  • Financial Economics
  • Public Economics, Health Economics, Education Economics, Environmental Economics
  • Labor Economics

For research proposal discussion, Dr Chang Liu: 

International Communications

Media, Digital Media, Computer Games, Game Studies, Mobile Media Studies, Journalism, Documentary, Film/Cinema (including film philosophy), Cultural and Creative Industries, Cultural Policy, Critical and Cultural Theory, Irish and British Art, Everyday Life, Popular Culture, Sport Cultures, Subcultures, Gender Studies, E-Learning, Public Sphere, Translation and Interpretation, Radio Studies, Language Pedagogy, Multimedia, Gender/Sexuality and Literature, and Convergent Journalism.

For research proposal discussion: Professor Andrew White:  

International Studies

International Relations, Comparative History and Politics, Area Studies, International Political Sociology, History, World History, History of Empires and Colonialism.

For research proposal discussion, Dr. David O'Brien:

Faculty of Science and Engineering

Composites  (Leader: Prof Xiaosu Yi)

Research areas: Thermoplastic composites, Carbon Fiber recycling, 3D printing Composites, Carbon Fiber SMC, Bio composites, smart composite.  

Power electronics, Machines and Control (Leader: Prof Chris Gerada)

Research areas: Electrical machines, Motor drives and motor control, Power Electronics and Thermal management.

Geospatial and Geohazards (Leader: Dr Craig Matthew Hancock)

Research areas: Engineering surveying and remote Measurement, Geospatial science, Positioning and navigation technologies, and Geohazards.

Advanced and Intelligent Manufacturing (Leader: Prof Dragos Axinte)

Research areas: Conventional& non-conventional material removal processes, Processes for adding materials, Modelling, dynamics and control of manufacturing processes,  Reactive manufacturing processes, Automation of manufacturing processes, and Process planning and lean production.

Natural Resource Conservation and Urban Resilience. (Leader: Dr Jun He)

Research areas: Air quality and pollution control, Urban climate change, Water quality and wastewater treatment, Aquatic resource and soil management, Solid waste management and treatment.

Artificial Intelligence and Optimisation (Leader: Prof Ruibin Bai)

Research areas: Computational intelligence and data mining, Computer vision and image processing, Transportation analysis and optimisation.

Advanced Energy and Environmental Materials & Technologies (Leader: Prof Tao Wu)

Research areas: Advanced composite materials, Granular materials and geotechnology, and New energy and environmental materials.

Fluids and Thermal Engineering (Leader: Prof Yuying Yan)

Research areas: Fluids and multiphase flows, Heat transfer enhancement, Thermal management for automotive and other energy systems, Biomimetics approaches of functional surface with fluids; Multiscale modelling, Thermofluids-related renewable-energy technologies; HVAC in the built environment; Refrigeration; Engines and thermal systems.

Partial Differential Equations (Leader: Dr Behrouz Emamizadeh)

Research areas: Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations, Calculus of Variations, Nonlinear Analysis, Rearrangement Optimization Problems, Free Boundary Problems, Free Discontinuity Problems, Regularity of Solutions, Fractional Differential Equations, Shape Optimization Problems, Eigenvalue Problems, Overdetermined and Symmetry Problems, Numerical Analysis, Finite Element Methods, Error Estimates.

Sensor Networks, Instrumentation, Data Analytics (Leader: Prof. Vladimir Brusic) 

Research areas: Health and Wellbeing (medical imaging, OMICS, health monitoring), Smart Systems (smart home/office, smart vehicle, smart health), Applications of sensors and instruments (diagnostics, prognostics, optimization).

Sustainability and Innovation for Integrated Built Environment (Leader: Dr. Ali Cheshmehzangi)

Research areas: Architectural humanities, Architecture design, Integrated urbanism, Energy technologies, Environmental design, Sustainability assessment methods, Building Information Modelling (BIM), Digital design and construction, Augmented Built Environment.

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