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PhD Scholarship in Chemical Engineering (2018 Entry)




Length of Scholarship: 

up to 36 months, subject to satisfactory progression





Closing Date:

16:00, 5th June 2018 (China Time)


A 3-year PhD scholarship covering tuition fee is available at the Electrochemical Technologies Group (ETG) in the Faculty of Science and Engineering at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC) with expected starting dates of September 2018. We are seeking hard working and talented candidates in the area of Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, or Chemistry to apply.

The available PhD scholarships cover:

  • Tuition fee
  • Medical insurance with designate providers
  • All above items are covered for up to 36 months based on satisfactory progression
  • All regulations set out in the UNNC PGR Scholarship Policy apply to this scholarship

In addition to the above scholarship, successful candidates also have the opportunity to carry out paid teaching or research assistant duties at UNNC.

Available PhD research project:

The available PhD scholarships will support candidates to the study of on-board high performance supercapattery. Supercapattery takes the advantages of both supercapacitor and battery by combining an ideally polarised capacitor-like electrode and a battery-like electrode. In theory, it can possess a higher specific energy than the ones of both battery and supercapacitor, and it can supply this energy at a power output almost as high as supercapacitor. In this case, we introduce a CO2-free strategy that a supercapattery in an aircraft can offer electric power for taxing in airport, in order to save fuel and greatly reduce the CO2 emission of the aircraft, especially after the landing period. The performance of supercapattery is a key factor for this CO2-free strategy. In this project, we focus on the negatrode (negative electrode) materials, which should provide sufficient charge storage capacity in the supercapattery. The oxide/CNT composites are one of the target materials for investigating their pseudocapacitance in the ionic liquid electrolytes with Li ions. Based on the previous result on the MnO2/CNT composites, we are looking forward a great improvement of the specific capacitance of the Li-ion intercalation oxide/CNT composite in the ionic liquid electrolytes. These composite can be potentially utilised as the high-energy supercapattery negatrode materials.



Dr. Linpo Yu
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Dr. Di Hu
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Professor George Z. Chen

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Note: informal enquiries about the project may be sent to Dr. Linpo Yu or Professor George Chen, but formal applications should follow the instructions in How to apply section below.

PhD programme structure

PhD programmes at the UNNC are composed of 3 years research  and submission is expected within 3 years for full-time students. PhD supervision is undertaken jointly by academics from the University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC) and the University of Nottingham UK (UNUK).  On successful completion, students will be awarded the University of Nottingham PhD degree, and no reference will be made on the degree certificate as to where the degree has been completed. The University of Nottingham PhD degree will be accredited by the Chinese Ministry of Education.


  • Applicants must have a first class honours undergraduate degree or 65% and above for a Masters’ degree from a British university, or the equivalent from other institutions
  • Applicants must meet the required English language proficiency for the relevant subject area
  • More details can be found on the ‘ entry requirements’ page of the website 

How to apply

Please email scanned copies of the following documents to by 16:00 (China time) on 5th June 2018. All documents must be in English. If original documents are not in English, a translated English version is required in addition to the original one. An application missing any of the following document (except for English language score) is incomplete and will not be considered.

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  • A completed application form (all fields filled)
  • A research proposal
  • Copies of degree certificates for undergraduate and postgraduate studies (Xueli certificates are required too for applicants from Chinese universities)
  • Official transcripts with marks for all individual modules/courses from undergraduate and postgraduate studies (with official university stamp)
  • English language test score (IELTS/ PTE academic) (not required for native English speakers)
  • Two references (must be emailed directly by the referees)
  • A copy of ID or passport (both sides of an ID card required)
  • An electronic copy of passport-sized photo taken within three months of  this application
Please quote the scholarship reference number in your application form if you are applying for this scholarship.

The scholarships are competitive and we advise you to apply as early as possible. It normally takes 5-6 weeks after the closing date for us to process your application.