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Xinyu Fu

Digital Economy PhD student , International Doctoral Innovation Centre


Bsc (Hons) Computer Science, The University of Nottingham




He is in the third year of PhD at The University of Nottingham Ningbo China. He completed the bachelor degree in computer science at The University of Nottingham UK Campus. He spent the first year of PhD at the UK campus as well.

Research interests

His main research area lies in social networking analysis and data mining. He is also interested in the application of mining large data set and mobile applications.

Current research project

He is currently working collaboratively with Dr Eugene and Professor Uwe on the event detection framework based on Twitter and other mainstream social network platforms.


  • Fu X., Ch’ng E. and See S.(2015) Large Scale First Story Detection On Social Media Contexts Via Incremental Term Frequency Inverse Document Frequency Based Statistical Approach, Special Session on Big Data in the Digital Economy, The Ninth International Conference on Operations and Supply Chain Management, Ningbo, China, July 13-15.
  • Fu, X., Ch'ng, E., Aickelin, U., and Zhang, L. (2015) An improved system for sentence-level novelty detection in textual streams, International Conference on Smart Sustainable City and Big Data (ICSSC), Shanghai, China, 27-28 July, 2015.