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Mengdi Li

Digital Economy PhD student , International Doctoral Innovation Centre 


MSc Management and Information Technology, University of St Andrews.
BSc (Hons) Computer Science, University of Ulster, 1st Class Honours. 
BEng Software Engineering, Fujian Normal University.




I am currently a PhD student in the 2013 Cohort of the International Doctoral Innovation Centre at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China. I would describe myself as:
- joyous, the person who always laughs the loudest and smiles the brightest
- curious and open-minded, the person who is always up for trying new ideas
- warm and friendly, the person who is keen on making new friends and helping others
- optimistic, the person who never gives up when encountering difficulty

Research interests

My interests mainly lie in e-commerce, Information Systems and Business Intelligence, with an emphasis on mobile. Big data is my another interest, specifically speaking, I am interested in analysing and visualising large real data sets to help fulfill ever-increasing business and social needs. As my undergraduate’s final project was about Machine learning and my master’s thesis was about Internet Privacy, I have a keen interest in conducting some projects related to these two areas. Besides, I would like to conduct some other multidisciplinary projects, such as analysing social media collaboration. 

Current Horizon practice-led project

The commercial sector (particularly retailers and market research companies) has access to and ownership of huge data sets that have the potential to tell policy makers a huge amount about how people live (eg. healthy eating, alcohol consumption). My project aims to review the technical, legal and ethical issues involved in the use of loyalty card data, and analyse sample data (using data mining techniques) to explore the potential of such data.


  • Li, M., Zhai, S., Ch'ng E., Li, B. and See, S. (2015) Monitoring Alcohol Consumption and Online Sentiment Using Big Data, Special Session on Big Data in the Digital Economy, the Ninth International Conference on Operations and Supply Chain Management, Ningbo, China, July 13-15.
  • Li, M., Ch'ng, E.,  Li, B., and Zhai, S. (2015) Social-Cultural Monitoring of Smart Cities Using Big Data Methods: Alcohol Consumption and Sentiments, International Conference on Smart Sustainable City and Big Data (ICSSC), Shanghai, China, 27-28 July, 2015.