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Hongliang Sun

Digital Economy PhD Student , International Doctoral Innovation Centre 


MSc, University of Science and Technology China
BSc, Wuhan University




This is a fourth year PhD candidate (2014-2018 Cohort) from NVidia Joint Lab on Mixed Reality based on School of Computer Science. I have particular interests to involve in the complexity science (an interdisciplinary discipline of Physics, Economics, Computer Science and etc.), because our world is a complex system governed by a couple of simple rules. As Socrates’s words  “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing”, which always inspires me to cherish time and do good research.

It is a great honour to serve the research communities as a member of CCF and complex society, being external reviewers of International Journal of Modern Physics C, Physica A and other related conferences. Our research partners coming from but not limited to the Chinese Academic of Sciences, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, University of Science and Technology of China, NVIDIA Singapore branch, University of Nottingham UK campus. We also warmly welcome meaningful discussions.

Research interests

This PhD project aims to understand the essential mechanisms leading to formation of communities on heterogeneous networks, which contribute to better understand the complex system from mesoscopic views. Furthermore, we also have particular interests to investigate the set of most influential spreaders and super blockers who closely relate to information/disease/rumour diffusion on community networks. Our work will serve to uncover controllable key nodes of complex systems in diffusion processes. It has potential impacts on disease control, valuable business information propagation and financial risks prediction. 


SCI Journal papers:

[1] H.L. Sun, E. Ch’ng, X. Yong, J. M. Garibaldi, S. See, D.B. Chen, An Improved Game-theoretic Approach to Uncover Overlapping Communities, International Journal of Modern Physics C (SCI, JCR Q3) (

[2] H.L. Sun, E. Ch’ng, X. Yong, J. M. Garibaldi, S. See, D.B. Chen, A Fast Community Detection Method in Bipartite Networks by Distance Dynamics, Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications (SCI, JCR Q1) (

[3] H.L. Sun, E. Ch’ng, S. See, Influential Spreaders in the Political Twitter Sphere of the 2013 Malaysian General Election, Industrial Management and Data System (SCI, JCR Q2) (Under Review)

[4] H.L. Sun, J.L. He, E. Ch’ng, J. M. Garibaldi, S. See, D.B. Chen, Identifying Multiple Influential Spreaders on Weighted Networks by Voting, EuroPhysics Letters (SCI, JCR Q1) (Finished)

Conference Papers:

[4] Y. Xi, H. L. Sun, and J. Li. "Entanglement plays an important role in evolutionary generalized prisoner's dilemma game on small-world networks." Advanced Information Management, Communicates, Electronic and Automation Control Conference (IMCEC), 2016 IEEE. (EI, IEEE) (DOI: 10.1109/IMCEC.2016.7867225)

[5] H.L. Sun, E. Ch’ng, S. See. A Proposition for Visualisation of Evolving Virtual Communities as Large Social Networks, Special Session on Big Data in the Digital Economy, The Ninth International Conference on Operations and Supply Chain Management, Ningbo, China, July 13-15,2015 (Published)