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UNNC International Student Ambassador Programme (UNNC ISAP)


The UNNC Student Ambassadors Programme is a featured programme run by Global Engagement Office (GEO). A group of students will be selected every year to conduct a series of programme activities. This programme aims to enhance students’ sense of belonging to UNNC and to present UNNC in various promotional activities and events. 


1. Recruitment work and roles

The recruitment role involves promoting and representing the University and its courses to home and on-campus activities at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Your responsibilities:

  • Develop, promote and support/organize international students activities;
  • Provide insights on the global student perspective to university professional service departments;
  • Develop market intel sheets, and build partnership database / global database for GEO use;
  • Develop, arrange and lead information session for students;
  • Support UNNC and GEO through social media channels;
  • Support activities that support direct; enrolment, short stay or mobility students;
  • Support bi/tri campus initiatives;
  • Greet guests and conduct campus tours to international students and parents;
  • Any other duties as assigned.

The UNNC Student Ambassador Programme is an opportunity for students to act as liaisons between the global market and University. Student may benefit from this programme as:

  • Learn about UNNC structure and marketing strategies
  • Plan and host events
  • Act as a campus contact for UNNC
  • Gain experience and financial support
  • Practice team building, communication, marketing skills

2. Eligibility

  • International student at all levels
  • Chinese postgraduate students

 3. Training

Student will receive trainings and relevant marketing knowledges & strategies from GEO. Intensive trainings could be demo PPT briefing, information sharing, etc.

4. Requirements

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent English in all aspects – Speaking, writing, listening, reading 
  • Excellent organizing and planning skills
  • Creative and able to work under minimum supervision 

5. Application Method

Complete the online application form and send it to  The deadline for submitting your application is 8th Oct 2017. An Interview might be followed if you are considered as a qualified applicate, in which case you shall be notified by email.

6. Pay scale

Band A (RMB 17/h)

  • Brochure Design
  • Market Research
  • Recruitment Campaigns

Band B (RMB 36/h, plus accommodation, meals, and necessary transportation)

  • Recruitment activities (for intl’ recruitment)
  • Cross-provincial recruitment activities (for PG domestic recruitment)

 * For Band B, Student with high performance will be rewarded as below:

  • Ambassador Honorary Certificate signed by the Provost
  • A reference letter from Associate Provost for Global Engagement