video understanding business in China

Course Introduction

'Understanding Business in China' is a video course which introduces you to the multifaceted and complex cultural environment of China, and which enables you to develop a strong appreciation for the challenges and benefits of either doing business with Chinese companies or working and living in this amazing country.

Whichever way you look at it, China is powerful. On various economic measures, it has outperformed most major economies. In terms of regional influence, it is a major player, and when you consider its history, it has branded itself as a moderating influence in the region. So much so, in fact, that western and non-Chinese businesses and organizations have appeared to bend over backwards to enter the Chinese market. China wields significant influence through its increasing presence in global supply chains, the importance of its market for many foreign firms, the rising importance of its outward foreign direct investment and through being seen to maintain a stable and harmonious society which manages to provide for its citizens.

And yet companies have struggled to understand this economic giant which just seem to be so able to adapt to different situations. It is very difficult to understand an individual without understanding their experiences and background, and the same is true for countries. From the ancient days through the ‘world manufacturing factory’ in the recent history to its current ambition to be the leader of globalization, China has grown – and changed, and continues to transform.

But there are still challenges. How will it respond to real demographic changes, or cope with the economic challenges of a trade war? Will China change the way it engages with the international community and business in the light of global pressures? What – if anything – can we learn from China’s history about its future?

If you are looking for a programme which offers a thorough introduction to China in English at a world-renowned university, then there’s unlikely to be anything better than this programme.

Course Structure

  • China and the World
  • Understanding China’s Economic Miracle in the Past Four Decades
  • From Street to the Cloud: Copyright and the Music Industry in China
  • China and Global Film: The Case of Hollywood
  • International Films in China: The Role of Local Subsidiaries
  • Innovation in China
  • Science, Technology and Innovation in China
  • Intercultural Business Communication in China
  • Entrepreneurship in China
  • E-Business in China

Course Evaluation

  • A 2000 words essay or business ideas related to doing business in China, or
  • A video less than 5 mins to illustrate your reflections regarding doing business in China. 

How to apply

Please send email to for application. Successful applicants will receive a confirmation email with temporary university account and password. Please complete the course and submit the required assignments within 2 months, otherwise the account will be closed. 

Course fee

Free for students from partner universities

Application Deadline

Applications open all year round.


Students who successfully complete the course and submit the assignment can receive an E-Certificate issued by the University, and will have easy access to the future programmes or courses offered by the University. 


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