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About the Programme

The University of Nottingham Ningbo China welcomes students currently enrolled in undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in different universities around the world. This summer exchange programme is designed to provide students with networking opportunities and a chance to interact with professionals in their areas of interest. Emphasis is also given to developing and fine tuning communication skills through a range of public speaking and workshops as well as interpersonal, leadership and team working skills.

A valuable opportunity for Chinese domestic undergraduates to experience the British teaching and international environment as well as to explore the Ningbo City.  A wide range of optimal courses and programmes will be provided.

Students attending the summer school programme should comply with the UNNC epidemic control procedures.

Who should attend?

  • Students enrolled in undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in different universities around the world.

  • Business/Humanity/Social Science degree undergraduate students who are looking for postgraduate programmes

  • Undergraduate students who would like to improve their academic English or prepare for overseas study

  • Undergraduate students who would like to have a summer experience on the British style campus

Note: Language of teaching is English. Therefore, students must have a reasonable English language proficiency.  



Application Deadline

26th June, 2020 

Application and Enquiry


Tel: +574 88180000 ext.8458

Programme Cost

10,000 RMB/student, which includes tuition fees, and costs on accommodation and classroom support. 

Discount: Free for outstanding candidates (selected by UNNC assessment panel) 

Core Modules and Outlines

This summer school programme will improve your understanding about business and management stragety. It also highlights global communications and renewable energy challenges. If you’re a business, social sciences or STEM degree student, these modules may match your interests particularly well.



Module director

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

The Changing Global Communications Landscape

Gary Rawnsley

Faculty of Science and Engineering

Urban Resilience and City Management in Facing the Outbreak Events

Ali Cheshmehzangi

Nottingham University Business School China

Business Law and Strategy

Ernest Southworth

Nottingham University Business School China


Yangyang Jiang

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Similitudes and Differences between Spanish and Chinese language: an holistic approach

Penny Franco

Faculty of Science and Engineering

Sustainable Energy Futures

Svenja Hanson

Centre for English Language Education

English academic proficiency: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing

CELE tutors



The programme will run for two weeks fulltime. Teaching/practice period for each module is: 1.5 hours. The programme is tentatively planned from 5 July, 2020 - 18 July, 2020, which is made of 10 working days.









5 July

6 July

7 July

8 July

9 July

10 July

11 July


Arrival& Registration;

Opening Ceremony; Campus Tour







Ningbo City Tour


Welcome Dinner








12 July

13 July

14 July

15 July

16 July

17 July

18 July


Ningbo City Tour





Graduation Ceremony







Farewell Dinner




Entry Requirements

  • You are expected to hold an honours degree at 2:1 level or above (or international equivalent) in an appropriate subject. For mainland Chinese applicants, the minimum average score is 80 if you graduate from domestic university of Project 985, 211 or double first-rate; the minimum average score is 85 if otherwise. 
  • All the programmes are delivered in English and students are expected to have good English language ability (i.e. IELTS/PTE). Anyone fulfilling these entry requirements is eligible to apply.

Certificates and Awards

  • At the end of the programme, students will be awarded a certificate indicating module names, which can prove their participation in the Summer School Programme.
  • Get an opportunity of waiving language score when they apply for the postgraduate programme of the UNNC in the future if done well  in the final assessment. 

About Ningbo

Ningbo will be your base during your study.  It is a small city (by Chinese standards) of over 8 million people. As one of China's oldest cities, the city has witnessed the rise and fall of numerous dynasties. It also represents the birthplace of Hemudu Culture, which itself has a history of over 7,000 years. These early civilizations lived and thrived in the area, and have contributed greatly to make the city what it is today, with a vibrant business-based economy, arguably the world’s largest port and a significant place for international trade – a city of history and great future.

How to apply

Please submit following application documents to Global@nottingham.edu.cn

  1. Application form (attached)
  2. Full academic transcripts of the university studies and the grading system
  3. English language test score report (i.e. IELTS or PTE)